About SFB1118

The SFB1118 aims to understand diabetes damage by investigating the intracellular effects of reactive metabolites (RM), such as reactive oxygen species (ROS), dicarbonyls (DC), or glucose metabolites (O-Glc-NAc), which are part of the energy metabolism arise. Work to date has identified new molecular pathomechanisms of diabetic damage and specific targets of RM in the development of insulin resistance, retinopathy, sensory and autonomic neuropathy, nephropathy and diabetic cardiopathy.

Business Requirement 

Our client wanted a website that showcases various services provided by him to his clients which include their treatments, contact page, projects, awards, etc. They also need a responsive website with a crisp and clean design, also they need to integrate Google Maps on it.


Our TYPO3 development team worked with SFB118 to create a modern, intuitively designed website that showcases their treatments and services. The website includes different web pages for various services they offered, blog, and contact page and seperated it with years. We developed a fast-loading responsive website with an ultra-clean look and utilized digital marketing techniques to significantly increase quality traffic. 




  • Blog page
  • Login page
  • Slider on homepage
  • Details of all services
  • Responsive Website
  • Map
  • Campaign building

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