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About Gemeinde-Bunt

WE OFFER FABRICS AND DECORATIONS FOR TRADE FAIRS AND EVENTS - PERFECT COVERINGS, COMPLEX 3D SPATIAL BODIES, FIRST-CLASS FULL SERVICE. We Offer excellent customer experiences at your events, whether it's a trade fair, company event in exhibition halls, or temporary buildings such as marquees.

Business Requirement

  • Our client wanted a website to showcase their events, services, and appointments.
  • They wanted different tabs for the home page, service, communities, calendar, and offerings.
  • Under each tab were sub-tabs for each activity which will help visitors for easy navigation.
  • Online contact form for inquiry.
  • Gallery option which will help visitors to check their works.
  • Also want to showcase upcoming events on their homepage.


  • We developed a Typo3 based website.
  • Developed different web pages for home page, service, communities, calendar, and offerings with sub-tabs.
  • We designed an online contact form and search option.
  • We developed a calendar with an option to choose the date and month by visitors.





  • Details of service, events.
  • Responsive website.
  • Content management system.
  • Online contact form.
  • Gallery
  • Upcoming events.

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