DK Parera

About DK Parera

DK PARERA was established during the year 2017 in Munich, Germany. The brand aims to offer its customers uniqueness, elegance, and luxury with high-end designs. Their products are exclusively designed in Munich, the company corporate with best manufacturers around the world such as SWISS, Milano, Portugal, Istanbul, Shenzhen, and Amsterdam to produce. The brand is also famous for its quality checks control process in order to deliver to its customers an impeccable product. They are known for their good quality products, luxuriance, and exclusiveness. PARERA stocks luxury, business, and casual attire with key products offering bags, polos, accessories for both gender men and women.

Business Requirement

The client wanted the website to be built on a powerful CMS that provides all the required functionalities and is simple to use.

  • Separate web pages for different categories, home page and for new collections,
  • Filter option
  • Payment option
  • Login form for users
  • Add to cart option


  • Based on our understanding of their business model, we provided the solution of a responsive WordPress CMS website.
  • Developed different webpages for home page, products, and new collections.
  • Designed a safe and secure eCommerce system with a private account for each user.
  • Included different payment options
  • Added an option to checkout as a guest without creating an account, in order to improve user experience.





  • Product details
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Add to cart option
  • Add to wish list option
  • Responsive website
  • Search option

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