About Ankö

The ANKÖE has established itself step by step as a full-service provider in the procurement area. Both the client and the contractor rely on the services of the ANKÖE in the entire award procedure.
The Contractor Cadastre Austria (ANKÖE) is a full-service provider in the area of ​​public procurement. Originally specialized in proof of suitability, ANKÖE now offers all services related to public procurement: from the tender database to the collection of proof of suitability and a platform for e-awarding. It is the only Austrian one-stop-shop in this area - for clients and contractors. Its services make procurement easier, more efficient, more transparent, and fairer. 

Business Requirement

ANKÖE wanted the TYPO3 CMS website that provides services for both contractors and clients. Which will help contractors and clients to advertise tenders, carry out e-contracts, and check the suitability of the bidders. Along with this, ANKÖE wanted to find a job, fitness checking forms which they added as an additional feature for their clients and also separate login forms for clients and contractors.


Spawoz Technologies focuses on fulfilling the technological needs of a client with smart solutions. We always try to deliver ground-breaking solutions that make it easier for our clients to run their businesses. We let the clients leave the technical part to us and help them concentrate more on their trade.
ANKÖE, a leading public procurement service provider in Vienna, wanted a highly responsive website to help their contractors and clients. To deliver precisely what ANKÖE wanted, we chose TYPO3 CMS, which has proven capabilities in creating exceptional websites that are remarkably user-friendly. Spawoz Technologies further revamped the website with a custom responsive theme that conforms to the latest responsive website guidelines, reducing load times and improving vendor times





  • Separate Logins
  • News Publishing
  • Events
  • Responsive Website
  • Support different language

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