PP.rt - Klinik für Psychiatrie

About PP.rt

PP.rt is a non-profit Society for Psychiatry located in Reutlingen mbH. In 2005, Bruderhaus Diakonie and ZfP Südwürttemberg founded the non-profit society for psychiatry. The PP.rt offers outpatient, day-clinic, and inpatient hospital treatment. They transferred their help offers for mentally ill people to the two subsidiaries for the supply region of the city of Reutlingen and the surrounding cities and municipalities in order to achieve the best possible link between the various services for the benefit of patients and clients. They offer their patients and clients the most customized, integrated treatment and care that is tailored to their individual needs.

Business Requirement

Just like the vastness of our client’s brand, they needed a website which talks about their treatment services, mission, job offers, and other services they are providing. A website that is easy to navigate and appeal to medical tourists from across the world about their treatments.Separate home page for patients and for refers and cooperation partners. They wanted a search option and an option to resize font on their website. They wanted an easy content management system and hyperlinks to navigate their users to their sister company.


According to our client’s requirement, we proposed a TYPO3 CMS website which allowed the management to upload updated contents and pictures on the website just on a click, without taking any programmer’s help. We designed and developed a globally accessible, responsive, and dynamic website. Engineered separate home page for patients, for refers and cooperation partners which will help them to easily find the required content which they are searching for. We designed separate web pages for treatment, employer, communication, and cooperation. We separate their services out and gave them their own space in the navigation so that new clients could find them easily from wherever they entered the site. Along with we developed a resume capturing form on the website with a job management system in the backend. We developed a custom contact forms for easier conversions.

We worked to choose colors and typography that were strong, tall, and light. Many images were included to make the site feel human, caring, and sympathetic.


Health Care



  • Contact form
  • Details of service
  • Responsive website
  • Content management system
  • Search Option

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