Nieren Zentrum Heidelberg

We are thrilled to feature Nieren Zentrum Heidelberg as one of our esteemed customers on our website. Nieren Zentrum Heidelberg is a renowned healthcare facility specializing in kidney care and treatment. As their trusted partner, we have recently completed a successful project together, achieving remarkable results in improving patient care and enhancing operational efficiency. Our collaboration with Nieren Zentrum Heidelberg exemplifies their commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to their patients. Through our joint efforts, we worked closely with Nieren Zentrum Heidelberg to implement innovative solutions, streamline processes, and enhance the overall patient experience. Our successful project with Nieren Zentrum Heidelberg focused on delivering superior kidney care, exceeding patient expectations, and ensuring their continued success in providing top-notch healthcare services.

Business Requirement

The client wanted a content management system for maintaining their contents along with -

  • Different web pages for practice, technology, news, team and a contact page.
  • Integrate Map on the website.
  • Online contact form.


  • We worked closely with our client to identify their services, define a solution strategy, and develop a detailed roadmap for implementation.
  • Design and develop a Typo3 based website.
  • Created separate pages for their services.
  • We designed an online contact form.
  • We also implemented strategic link building solutions to drive traffic to the client’s website.


Health Care


  • Details of service
  • Social media integration
  • Responsive website
  • Content management system
  • Online contact form

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