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Magento vs WordPress: Which is best for an eCommerce site?

One of the many crucial steps to begin your own online business is choosing the right platform to get it set up. There are different ways to achieve this goal but the most preferred platforms these days are Magento and WordPress to save time in the migration process later. Here we are going to compare Magento and WordPress. 


Magento is the most popular open-source cloud-based e-commerce platform among the leading brands in the world, powering more than 1,20,000 online stores. The flexibility of use is the biggest advantage of Magento. Top brands like Ford, Lenovo, and P&G  have their website developed using Magento.


WordPress is considered one of the biggest content management systems (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which is completely free and open-source blogging software. Although, is not a native e-commerce platform for the online business it created the popular plugin WooCommerce.This plugin is ideal for small and medium-sized online stores. It’s a free open source eCommerce plugin. All over the world, more than 50 million websites are available. Of this, more than 15% are powered by WordPress. 

Comparison Between  Magento and WordPress




Product Type


If products are physical in nature choose Magento it helps to manage traffic as well.

If products are virtual in nature choose WooCommerce because they do not require any complex shipping arrangements, following up, and tracking orders.

Business size

To build a robust, huge, and professional online store Magento is the best.

For a small-sized store, WooCommerce is the best

Technical Skill

Magento needs more complex coding applications to build your website. If you are not a technical person you need to hire someone.

With the e-commerce plugins along with WooCommerce, even beginners can use these to build online stores. Backend management and reporting are very easy and simple to operate.


Easy to build a multi-vendor marketplace due to the advanced features of Magento. It has a really good product and order management system which also supports shipping options, multiple payment gateways, multiple languages, layered navigation, etc. We can certainly manage multiple stores from the same account.

WP is incorporated with add-on features such as live chat box, product catalog, and contract forms. Also, you will be able to integrate payment systems such as PayPal and Google Checkout. Products and categories are easy to add and manage.


The community version of the Magento platform is free on the other hand the enterprise version is a paid one, which is a tailor-made solution with higher performance.

WordPress is open source and completely free. The only fees you might have to pay is the hosting fees.


Magento wants to use a dedicated server to ensure good store performance. Because Magento’s complexity requires significantly more powerful hosting.

Woocommerce is very light on server loads and takes up little disk space.


In terms of security, the in-build features of Magento keep your website safe from cyber attacks.

WordPress has a number of third-party plugin integrations which lead to the inclusion of insecure code to a site.



Similarities of Magento and WordPress

  • Both have good content management systems.
  • Allow users to add, edit, and manage their content. 
  • Customizable.
  • SEO-friendly.
  • Both offer a vast variety of beautiful, customizable, and responsive themes.
  • Both WordPress and Magento have open API available.
  • Supported by a robust community online.

Combining Magento and WordPress 

Magento and WordPress can also be combined to manage both the store and the design. We use Magento as the primary solution. When combining Magento and WordPress the front end of WordPress will be left behind, but you can use the back end to manage all of the powerful blogging features available for WordPress.


The success of your online store depends on which platform you choose to build your website. If you are planning to build a large online store you go for Magento. On the other hand, If you’re a startup and need a small website for digital products then WordPress is best for you.

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