Maschinenbau Schweiz

We are excited to feature our successful collaboration with Maschinenbau Schweiz, a highly respected company in the machinery manufacturing industry. As their trusted partner, we have recently completed a remarkable project together, achieving exceptional results. Maschinenbau Schweiz is widely recognized for their expertise in designing and manufacturing high-quality machinery and equipment. Our collaboration with Maschinenbau Schweiz exemplifies their commitment to delivering superior products and innovative solutions to their clients. Through our joint efforts, we worked closely with Maschinenbau Schweiz to enhance their manufacturing processes and provide customized solutions that perfectly meet the unique needs of their customers. Our successful project with Maschinenbau Schweiz focused on delivering reliability, efficiency, and unmatched quality, ensuring their continued success in the industry. It has been an honor to collaborate with Maschinenbau Schweiz, and our partnership serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes for our valued customers.

Business Requirement 

Our Client had a website that was old and non-responsive design with an outdated TYPO3 version. They wanted to relaunch a responsive website with the latest CMS solution. They wanted to show their news in the form of a blocks, a small overview of their social media page, recordings, and contact details along with a hyperlink on their web page that navigates visitors to another website which shows their challenge of performing with all the latest news.


One of the technical challenges our client faced was a lack of medium to showcase her event and concerts. We helped her by redesigning a TYPO3 CMS responsive website, where they can add their latest events and news of various programs. This website also helps to know about latest news and updates.




  • Upcoming news and events
  • Audio and media of her events
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Press releases

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