About Glaube

Founded in 2013, Impuls Medien is a Christian Media Service with offices in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The organization aims to connect the Christian community with the publishing of articles and important updates, and have crossed one billion impressions worldwide using its website

Business Requirement

Impuls Medien required a two-phase development for their faith website with the first phase being the website development and the second phase for mobile app development in iOS and Android.

Solution, an online Christian Portal from Impuls Medien, endeavored to publish articles on Christianity and provide an enriching platform for Christians, all around the globe. Since Impuls Medien wanted to be available both as a web and a mobile app, we outlined for a CMS that can handle the very requirements and provide utmost stability and responsiveness at all times. Hence we chose TYPO3 for the job, and by far, it has been an excellent CMS choice.

Phase One kicked off by presenting Impuls Medien with the website design. Once it was approved and developed, we integrated the website into TYPO3 CMS, resulting in an easier website content management. To publish the news articles effectively, we developed a TYPO3 extension and combined it with the CMS.

Phase Two focused on mobile app development for We suggested a hybrid app development with the Ionic framework to create native-feeling mobile apps in both iOS and Android. For making the content management in the mobile app seamless, we created an API and connected it with the TYPO3 system. This approach helped us save huge development time and also made the entire process remarkably cost-effective.





  • >>News publishing.
  • >>Social media wall.
  • >>Automatic page creation based on news record creation.
  • >>Video/Audio integration.

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