Görres Gymnasium Koblenz

About Görres Gymnasium Koblenz

Gorres is a high school in Koblenz, Germany. Gorres-Gymnasium has been a member of the MINT-EC association since 2004 and is recertified at regular intervals. They are humanistic grammar school, which sees itself as part of the great European tradition that refers to ancient Greece and the Age of Enlightenment They are specialized in German, languages, arts, sports, mathematics, and natural science. The college of the Görres high school is a model for its students in word, deed, and teaching.

Business Requirement

Our client wanted a website that would offer a compelling user experience across multiple devices and have a streamlined admission process. They wanted different web pages such as home page, community page, library, services, and a contact form. They wanted an enhanced website design with an optimized layout, stunning user interface. They wanted a login page for students and a search button on their website, which will help new users.


We worked with them to develop and design a website with a particular focus on ensuring users are guided to school and the course information they are looking for. The website has been built in TYPO3 CMS. As per their requirement, we design different tabs for the home page, community, service details, events, contact form, search option, and login form. Under each tab, we insert a sub-tab which will help users to access the relevant pages.We implemented an event calendar to showcase the upcoming events.

CMS solutions also helped them to update their content easily and quickly, upload documents to relevant pages, maintain events in the school calendar, and also to maintain class time tables and supporting documentation. They wanted to show off their various upcoming events, activities, and news, so we added this on the home page, overlaying the most recent news post in decorative boxes.





  • Contact form
  • Search option
  • Details of service
  • Login form
  • Event Calendar
  • News Publishing
  • Articles
  • Responsive website
  • Content managed website

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