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Why Business Owners are Considering TYPO3?

TYPO3 is one of the most selected CMS today. It is considered to be a really powerful & expanded CMS with huge possibilities. Why most of the people are choosing TYPO3 and not some other CMS? Is typo3 most suitable for our business?

TYPO3 is a powerful CMS Platform which is designed specifically with the needs of both enterprise and corporate clients in mind. Each CMS are meant for specific websites. For ex: Magento is perfect for e-commerce web sites when WordPress is more ideal for blogs. When it comes under TYPO3, virtually it fits any website type.


Universal solution

The most powerful advantage of TYPO3 is that it is a universal system. There exist over 2000 extensions to TYPO3. When you install these extensions, you add corresponding functionality to TYPO3 at the same time keeping the power of the TYPO3 core. This is a truly universal solution. And can all be managed by using TYPO3 Backend. If you need something new, you just install an extension and you get the functionality easily. 
You don’t need to install WordPress or Magento on top to add some kind of shopping to your blog. You don’t have to log in to the blog and shop separately like in the case of WordPress and Magento. With TYPO3 you are logging in just once and you have access to everything you need.


TYPO3 is a very flexible user system. In case of TYPO3 it’s possible to have as many administrator users as you want. Most of the systems allow only one administrator user. We have the access control over everything that is really important. Users can also be assigned to different groups. So you may assign user rights to the whole group. Every user can be assigned to as many groups as you wish, which makes TYPO3 incredibly flexible.

Easy workflows

TYPO3 CMS versions are easy to access and edit, from anywhere, anytime.It was very easy to review the changes made to the TYPO3 CMS before making the content go live.

Permission Rights and Levels 

TYPO3 allows to set up various permission levels for backend users. Also, this CMS allows to manage multiple websites within one installation and share users, extensions, and content between them.


Possibility to integrate with a different system with all sorts of platforms - ERP systems or modules, reservation systems, analytical software, accounting and many other
Whatever your business is, you have to select the best CMS for creating the websites for your business. TYPO3 is one of the best option for your needs.  Here Spawoz technologies are experts in creating most secured TYPO3 CMS websites. If your website is still running in the outdated version of TYPO3 then you are under huge risk !! But don’t worry Spawoz is here to help you. We are providing top- class security to the websites.
Indian typo3 developers are better for the cost-saving. For your easy management of projects, you can set a contract with the Spawoz german team, the Indian developers will take care of the rest. Get in touch with us to drive your business to a great level. 

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