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The Step-by-Step Guide for TYPO3 Update - Spawoz

One of the most important tasks for TYPO3 agencies and developers is TYPO3 update/upgrade. We have developed numerous websites (Medium to Large-scale) TYPO3 upgrades from old-school version 4.x to modern 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x in my long TYPO3 journey (almost 6+ years). We would like to share our experience with you all, which will benefit both beginners and experienced TYPO3 developers and agencies.

After studying this article, we are confident that you will get sufficient knowledge to successfully complete the TYPO3 update, and your client will be happy about that.

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What is Actually the TYPO3 Update?

A TYPO3 update, also known as a TYPO3 upgrade, is the process of upgrading your existing TYPO3 content management system (CMS) software to a higher TYPO3 version with improved features and functionalities, with or without the assistance of a TYPO3 agency. The main goal of TYPO3 updates is to make TYPO3 users' lives easier by adding new features and improving website security. Furthermore, TYPO3 updates are critical for your website's cross-device performance. You will lose a significant amount of traffic if your website is not optimized for mobile devices. By upgrading your current TYPO3 version to a newer version, you can improve your website's mobile suitability and performance, which also helps to reduce loading time.

TYPO3 Update: The solution is the right rhythm

When performing a TYPO3 update, you should proceed with caution and organization. Minor versions with critical security patches and bug fixes are released at regular intervals and should always be installed right away. With a TYPO3 update, you should wait until bugs and security gaps in the TYPO3 version have been addressed, and you should only update after the LTS version has been released. Furthermore, a TYPO3 update cannot skip any major versions, which means that when updating from TYPO3 v7.6, you cannot simply jump to TYPO3 v11.5, but must first update to TYPO3 v10.

The structure of the TYPO3 versions is divided into three parts for a reason. A major version outperforms all other version components and includes significant structural changes as well as new functionalities. As a result, updating TYPO3 to a more recent main version can be time-consuming. Secondary versions, on the other hand, serve to enhance and stabilize the main version's functionality. When all core features of the main version have been released by side versions, the main version enters the long-term support (LTS) phase and planning for the next TYPO3 main version begins.

Only minor versions are released during the LTS phase, which contains security patches and bug fixes to keep the main version secure and optimized. Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) begins after the main version has been in the LTS phase for two years. This is available for two to three years and provides you with critical security updates for a fee.

Roadmap of TYPO3 CMS

TYPO3 is well-known for its ability to plan ahead of time, create a roadmap, and strictly adhere to deadlines in order to continuously release new TYPO3 versions. All information about new versions of  TYPO3 CMS can be found in the TYPO3 CMS roadmap.


Source: Roadmap

Roadmap of Typo3 Version 11



Estimated   Release


New system requirements and breaking changes



Multi-factor authentications



Multi-factor authentications



Improvements for UX backend users and PHP v8 support



Feature freeze



GDPR, Performance: TYPO3 update

A TYPO3 update not only allows you to use new functions and is future-proof for the time being. Did you know that keeping your system up to date with TYPO3 updates is a legal requirement and that you are responsible for the security of your website visitors? The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 also published a slew of other requirements for website operators, failure to which can result in a hefty fine.

Furthermore, a TYPO3 update can improve performance, which can improve your website's rankings in Google and other search engines. The most important reason for a TYPO3 update, however, is system security. When a security flaw in TYPO3 is addressed through an update, it is published and made public. As a result, your TYPO3 installation is more likely to be attacked by hackers. As a result, security updates should always be installed as soon as possible.

What are the Steps for updating TYPO3 to the latest version?

When it comes to a TYPO3 update, the most important factors are process reliability, quality testing, and the availability of the existing TYPO3 system. Because a TYPO3 system is complex, a TYPO3 update should not be taken lightly. As a result, it is critical to bring on board the right partner in the form of a TYPO3 developing company. As experts in their field, they can meet the previous criteria and safely and smoothly update your website to the latest TYPO3 version.

  • Analysis: In the first phase of the TYPO3 update, we analyze your existing system, the associated extensions, interfaces, and so on, and clarify basic TYPO3 update questions.
  • Configure the test environment and run the TYPO3 update test: To avoid "damaging" the live system, we created a 1-to-1 copy of the existing system to test the TYPO3 update. In this manner, we can identify potential risks and devise solutions to them.
  • The actual TYPO3 update: In the third step, the system is updated based on the solution developed in step 2. Among other things, automated quality control of the entire website is performed here, allowing us to check large websites with 50,000+pages in this regard.
  • Going live with the updated TYPO3 system: Finally, minor TYPO3 updates are uploaded to the existing live system. If there have been significant changes, we will move your website from the old live system to the test system from step 3, which will then become the new live system.

In this way, we keep the risks to your existing system to a minimum and the restrictions on website maintenance to a minimum or a very short period of time during the TYPO3 update. A more in-depth look at our approach to a TYPO3 update and its benefits can be found here - the TYPO3 update process.

Category of TYPO3 Updated Version

The major three categories of TYPO3 updates are as follows:

Minor Changes

The TYPO3 community releases the security checks version with the branch, for example, TYPO3 11.5.15. You should always use the most recent version of TYPO3. The detailed report can be found at Release note 11. In general, it only contains security patches and changes, making it simple to update in about 3/4 hours

Significant Updates

It means you must consider the TYPO3 update version when moving from one LTS (Long Term Support) to another.If you have a TYPO3 website that is using older versions, you should consider updating to the latest TYPO3 11.x LTS. Because of the site's complexity and the number of extensions, updating TYPO3 is a bit difficult and complicated. It is sometimes recommended to relaunch the website instead of performing a full TYPO3 update. The term "relaunch" refers to the creation of an entirely new website.

What is the cost of a TYPO3 Update?

Every time a new TYPO3 LTS version is released, the question of a TYPO3 update or even a relaunch arises. However, because each TYPO3 system is individually tailored to your specific needs and desires, these are frequently associated with significant time and financial investment. If the system is older and has a lot of legacy issues, if you want to make major improvements, or simply revise the entire website, a relaunch should be performed rather than a TYPO3 update. A TYPO3 update, on the other hand, is a system update. This should be done if the difference between your current TYPO3 version and the latest version isn't too large and the website isn't going to be relaunched anytime soon.

The effort must first be analyzed in order to calculate the Costs of a TYPO3 update Nonetheless, a TYPO3 update in which only minor changes such as bug fixes and security patches are imported within the main version requires less effort and thus results in lower costs. A TYPO3 update to a higher TYPO3 LTS version, on the other hand, is associated with increased development effort because many new functionalities are integrated and the structure can change fundamentally.

Extensions used and interfaces to external systems or services must be checked as a result of these changes. Finally, the TYPO3 update costs are determined by previous maintenance, TYPO3 update implementation, and the quality of the existing system's implementation. Spawoz Technologies provide a free TYPO3 update check to help you plan your costs more effectively.

TYPO3 Relaunch or TYPO3 Upgrade?

Source: Relaunch

With constantly changing trends and businesses, websites must also be kept up to date. And, with business website features constantly changing and evolving, a combination of an outdated template and a TYPO3 version never fits all. Whatever the underlying technology, every running site necessitates regular maintenance. With regular checks and updates, TYPO3 CMS will support and power your website for years.

You may be perplexed when deciding between TYPO3 Relaunch and TYPO3 Upgrade. There are numerous factors that can influence a relaunch or update, including the following:

  • TYPO3 upgrade from Older versions to 11. x using extremely complex and out-of-date techniques?
  • Is your TYPO3 website mobile-friendly?
  • Is your website running smoothly? For example, SEO, industry standards, etc.
  • Do you want your new website to have a modern look?
  • Are you having problems with speed and performance?
  • Is your current website using outdated code and techniques?
  • Is the estimation effort for a major update and a relaunch nearly the same?

Check out the final factors that will undoubtedly assist you in deciding whether to relaunch or update your TYPO3 website. Examine them carefully and make an informed decision.

Website Appearance

If your website is not compatible with all devices and has an old-fashioned primitive look, it may look good on some devices but provide an unpleasant experience for your website's visitors. When this is the case, relaunching or switching to responsive design is often the best option.

Ease of use

With each upgrade, the newer version provides a better user experience as well as exciting new features. Because TYPO3 CMS sites are simple to control, manage, and create workflow and content, upgrading makes perfect sense.

Because TYPO3 CMS has its own set of distinct advantages and features, making the switch is the most practical option. TYPO3 provides additional Extended Long Term Support at the end of the three-year regular support cycle, resulting in longer validity and support.

To illustrate, with the end of the TYPO3 support cycle and the release of  TYPO3 11.5.15, community support for security fixes was discontinued. The users could choose to:

  • Relaunch
  • Upgrade
  • Hire any partners

You create and maintain quality websites to reflect your business with both relaunch and upgrades. Every new version includes minor updates at regular intervals. These updates are provided to address security concerns. As a result, the type of update your site requires will indicate the complexity and cost involved.

TYPO3 provides three years of free LTS for each new version, after which your company must purchase the paid version of updates and services known as ELTS - Extended Long Term support. It is not necessary to upgrade to each new TYPO3 version. When TYPO3 removes a version's free LTS, it's a good time to upgrade to the latest version.DMG recommends that businesses upgrade their CMS between major versions because there will be enough time to plan the upgrade and the site will be protected by the TYPO3 community support. If your website is currently running with older versions, it is time to upgrade to TYPO v11. Site owners can also wait until April 2023 for TYPO3 version 12 and directly upgrade to it.

Where you will get the TYPO3 version on your Website?

TYPO3 version 11 is currently the most stable or preferred TYPO3 version for development. The latest version with Long-Term Support (LTS). It will be fully supported until October 2024, with security bug fixes available until October 2024.

Another exciting news for TYPO3 fans is that TYPO3 version 12 will be released on April 2023! TYPO3 v12 includes a slew of new features such as PHP 8.1+, Supported Database Engines, and Browser Support.

TYPO3 version 4.x or 6.x

You can get information on the main area of the backend by selecting 'About TYPO3 CMS' from the left column.

TYPO3 version 7.x or 8.x

You will get the version number from header.

TYPO3 version 9.x

TYPO3 version 9.x, you will get the version number from the header of the backend and also from the main area of the backend.

Here are some quick highlights from the upcoming TYPO3 version 10.

  • 21 Limelights in TYPO3 v10 
  • TYPO3 Version 10.3
  • 7 Highlights for Administrators in TYPO3 v10

TYPO3 version 10.x

You can also get the version number from the backend header.

Supported Browsers in 10.x

  • Chrome (latest)
  • Edge (latest)
  • Firefox (latest)
  • Safari (latest)

TYPO3 version 11.x

In TYPO3 version 11.x you can find on the header once you log in to the TYPO3 backend.

  • Unified editor experience
  • Advanced file list module
  • Sharable Deep Links
  • Improved collaboration and Workflow features
  • Flexible and Secure Multi-factor Authentication

Why is it essential to update TYPO3?

TYPO3 older versions (except V10) long-term support will end on 30 September 2022. So it is essential to update your older TYPO3 Version to get a new user experience version, you can also hire a TYPO3 Updating agency to do your updating work so fast and reliable.

Why should you update your TYPO3 site?

A TYPO3 upgrade is critical to the health and smooth performance of your TYPO3 website. And it is dependent on the major factors listed below:


It takes a lot of resources and money to secure and protect your websites from cyber-attacks. To reap the benefits of new security features, you must constantly update or upgrade your software or CMS. TYPO3 is another CMS that regularly releases new updates to make your website more secure. However, using an outdated TYPO3 version may allow attackers to harm your website.


The loading speed of your webpage determines its performance, and believe us, it matters to both Google and your visitors. As a result, having a website that loads quickly is critical. The page's speed has a direct impact on several business metrics, including search engine rankings, conversions, and User Experience (UX).According to a recent HTTP Archive evaluation, TYPO3 has efficient performance and is faster in FCP timing than other CMS.


The SEO community initiative related to all older versions ensures that TYPO3 optimization best practices no longer rely on third-party extensions. From version 9, TYPO3 will generate website progressive images that are 2-10% smaller than baseline images. This improves site speed, UX, and search rankings, saves energy, and lowers bounce rates. On TYPO3 version 11.0, a new SEO system extension is available. This enables you to add metadata as Open Graph, giving editors control over social media sharing and thus improving SEO.


The improvements in the TYPO3 version 11 reduces the risks associated with the exposure of sensitive data on the website. It is possible to make IP addresses anonymous in multiple databases after a certain period of time, which reduces the risk associated with private data storage. The core GDPR initiative improves password hashes, user management and access, external media and cookie handling, anonymizes IP addresses, deletes old data, and ensures secure TLS and HTTPS connections.

Features of TYPO3 Version 11.0 LTS

The most recent version of TYPO3 includes a number of features for improving, catching, and reducing errors. Updating your TYPO3 version gives you more control over creating and reusing content, as well as ensuring that it looks good for its viewers.

The following features are included in Version 11 LTS:

  • Extended View.
  • Data Download.
  • Selection of Files and Records.
  • SVG-based Page and File Tree “Everywhere”
  • Deep Linking in the Backend.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Resizing/Toggling of the Navigation Area.
  • Working with the Filelist Module.

Why do you need experts to do the TYPO3 update?

Updating TYPO3 is a difficult task. The update necessitates extensive technical knowledge and high costs. The option of custom code and integrations can further complicate matters.

Because it is a complex process, you will need the assistance of a TYPO3 developer who will integrate all necessary steps such as backing up the current version, updating the required extensions, and relaunching TYPO3 if necessary.

As a result, the following factors contribute to the need for expert assistance:

  • We have experienced TYPO3 Developers who can handle even the most complex TYPO3 Updates.
  • Update manuals, handbooks, and best practices, as well as conduct workshops for editors and content managers, to guide/provide your in-  house CMS team with the necessary knowledge.
  • They will know how to upgrade TYPO3 in a timely and cost-effective manner because they are experienced.

It is critical to have expert assistance when upgrading TYPO3. Choosing the Right partner/expert to update TYPO3 is just as important as updating CMS. Your TYPO3 update partner must update TYPO3 without affecting your company's web presence during and after the update.

When DMG takes on a client to update their TYPO3 site, the first step is to investigate the compatibility of their site, TYPO3, PHP, and the extensions used. As a priority step when updating TYPO3 on client sites, we back up the current version of TYPO3. The following step will be to put the site into TYPO3 maintenance mode and run the update procedures. These two steps ensure that, while TYPO3 is being updated in the backend, users and customers visiting the website are not inconvenienced.

Why is it important to upgrade to TYPO3 v11 at this time?

Every business relies on user experience to grow. because websites are the primary point of contact for the target audience to learn about brands and businesses, they must be kept up to date. Every time TYPO3 releases a new version, it adds new features, improves modernity and speed, raises industrial standards, increases security threads, fixes bugs, improves compatibility, and simplifies backend operations. And it ultimately leads to a better user experience.

Following the release of new versions, TYPO3 provides three years of free LTS, during which their security team will regularly check for bugs and security gaps in order to resolve all issues. When the free LTS period expires, businesses can opt for ELTS, a paid service provided by TYPO3 for the next three years post-LTS.

TYPO3 v8 is now running with ELTS support, and it will be phased out by March 2023. Not only V8 all the older versions (except v10) will not discontinue after September 2022, Following that, the older versions will no longer receive updates from the TYPO3 community, leaving the sites more vulnerable to threats and hackers. Continuing to use an unsupported version of TYPO3 will put the site at risk.

  • Vulnerabilities in security
  • Issues with browser compatibility
  • Problems with cross-device compatibility
  • Concerns about legal compliance

And, as previously stated, it is neither conceivable nor necessary for every site to upgrade to every new version of TYPO3. Businesses can instead choose to upgrade every two major versions. For example, TYPO3 older version users can now choose upgrading to version 11.

Updating now secures your place in line for the next version of TYPO3. Your site can also be left with the older version of TYPO3 with ELTS support. However, if you need to update or relaunch your TYPO3 site in the future, the processes will become much more complicated.

How do you examine and estimate a TYPO3 upgrade?

Because there are numerous technical risks, you will most likely underestimate the TYPO3 upgrade project. As a result, you should always take care properly analyzing the existing site in order to make your sales team happy and maintain a healthy relationship with the client.

Estimation Proposal Process

  • 6.x to 7.x to 8.x to 9.x to 10.x to 11.x TYPO3 Upgrade
  • Method change from Automaketemplate to Extbase/Fluid/Template Engine
  • Bug Fixing + QA Testing
  • Number of non-compatible extensions * ~2 Hour TYPO3 Extensions Upgrade
  • Design issues, feedback & support, deployment to DEV & LIVE, etc., )Miscellaneous

It's always a good idea to check the website's scope and complexity. You can also write to the client about one of the most uncertain aspects of the TYPO3 update, which is as follows.

Guide to TYPO3 Upgrade

  • TYPO3 version 10 to 11

Upgrade the TYPO3 core from Version 10.x to Version 11.x.

  • TYPO3 updates 9–11

Upgrade the TYPO3 core from 9.x to 10.x.

  • TYPO3 updates 8-11

Update TYPO3 core from 7.x to 8.x

Upgrade TYPO3 core from 8.x to 9.x

Upgrade TYPO3 core from 9.x to 10.x

Upgrade TYPO3 core from 10.x to 11.x

Let's take a closer look at each stage of the TYPO3 upgrade

Step 1: Setup a Local Server

Download and install everything from the LIVE server to your LOCAL server.

Step 2: Perform TYPO3 Upgrade

Begin upgrading TYPO3 core, extensions, QA testing, and bug fixing on your LOCAL server.

Step 3: Non-compatible Extensions

You will need to do your best to make all TYPO3 extensions compatible with TYPO3 patches, hooks, new standards, and so on. You must provide your customer with a list of "not-feasible" TYPO3 extensions as well as a possible "alternative solution."

Step 4: Upload it to DEV Server

Once everything is finished on the LOCAL server, upload it to the DEV server, for example,

Step 5: Customer’s Approval

Your customer will need to test the entire site and provide approval that everything is in order.

Step 6: Go-Live

Finally, you can copy everything from the DEV server to the LIVE server.

How can we quickly upgrade minor/security updates?

  • The Install Tool's "Important Actions" section includes a function to update the TYPO3 Core.
  • It only works under Unix and MacOS, and your TYPO3 project must use the typo3 src symlink.
  • The document root must be writable, as must one path above the document root (../).
  • Another critical requirement is that the tar command be available for extracting the source package.

Source - Install the new source

Manually Update your TYPO3

Minor/security updates can be installed manually. Simply go to TYPO3 Download and download the Source package of the new TYPO3 version, then extract the package on your web server and modify the typo3 src symlink.

TYPO3 4.x to 6.2 LTS

Reference: Installation Guide 6.2

TYPO3 6.x to 7.6 LTS

Reference: Installation Guide 7.6

TYPO3 7.x to 8.7 and 9.x LTS

Reference: Installation Guide

TYPO3 10.x

Reference: Installation Guide 10

TYPO3 10. X to 11

Reference: Installation Guide 11.5

Changing TYPO3 Template

We recommend making changes or upgrading to the TYPO3 templating method

  • Templa CSS styled content to fluid styled content
  • TemplaVoila to Fluid.
  • Any out-of-date third-party TYPO3 Fluid extension

Important Code Deprecation and Changes

Here, we would like to write a few lines of code that will assist you in migrating (and making compatible) your specific TYPO3 extension that contains old-school codes.

                             piBased Code

                                                   Extbase Code


$myImage = $this->cObj->cObjGetSingle('IMAGE', $ImgConf);











Instances that begin with "require_once" and include TYPO3 core files should be removed.


Instances of "t3lib_div::loadTCA('')" should be removed.


Instances of “t3lib_extMgm:is replaced with “"\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ExtensionManagementUtility::"


Instances of “t3lib_div::” is replaced with “\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::"


Instances of “tslib_pibase" is replaced with with "\TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\Plugin\AbstractPlugin".


Instances of "tslib_cObj" is replaced with"\TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\ContentObject\ContentObjectRenderer”.


Instances of "makeInstance()" is relaced with "\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::makeInstance()".


TCA definitions should now be placed in "Configuration/TCA/any_table.php>." The ctrl-section section's "dynamicConfigFile" is missing.


TypoScript definitions must be moved to "Configuration/TCA/Overrides/sys_template.php"


The definitions for page TSConfig must be moved to "Configuration/TCA/Overrides/pages.php.


It is now necessary to do so within “Configuration/TCA/Overrides/<any_table>.php".


It is now necessary to do so within "Configuration/TCA/Overrides/<any_table>.php".


Must now be called from “Configuration/TCA/Overrides/tt_content.php".


Must now be called from “Configuration/TCA/Overrides/tt_content.php".


Must now be called from “Configuration/TCA/Overrides/tt_content.php".


If you want to enable the backend image editor (Cropping) for FAL images, you must change the parameters of this method.


With the exception of "ext_emconf.php," the variable is omitted, and all occurrences are to be replaced by the extension key.


To the best of our knowledge, only "\TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Utility\ExtensionUtility::configurePlugin" remains.


Nothing should be written in $TCA or $GLOBALS['TCA'], and the file should be removed in future versions ofTYPO3."\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ExtensionManagementUtility::allowTableOn StandardPages()"


In this article we explaining about the importance of TYPO3 updates for minor and major updates. Help your customers decide whether to relaunch their website or upgrade to TYPO3. Always take care in the estimation process by analyzing the entire TYPO3, such as preparing an extension report, an estimate for each milestone, provision for incompatible extensions, and so on.

Follow the TYPO3 upgrade procedure step by step, using the before and after checklist. During the update procedure, use exclusive tips and tricks techniques. Finally, go live with your TYPO3 website after thorough QA testing.

We would like to hear about your experiences and tips/tricks for completing TYPO3 upgrade projects smoothly and successfully. if you have any questions related to TYPO3 Development Please feel free to contact us

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