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10 Best Laravel Development Companies

Technology has always been ever-evolving. Technology, to meet the needs of the world we live in, tends to upgrade or even forsake certain advancements.

Irrespective of the business you are involved in, updating yourself, and your company with the latest technology is so integral that it can't be stressed enough. If you run an online business, the need to keep up with the pace is even more significant.

To meet the expectations of your customers, having just a website won't do. For that, you need a website which is elegant, mobile-responsive and fast. In that case, a framework as robust as Laravel can do just the job. 

The list of advantages of using the Laravel framework for your website is pretty huge. It makes development highly cost-effective and fixes almost every common technical vulnerabilities. It allows easy integration of powerful tools that make websites faster. Also, Laravel web development improves security by protecting your website against security threats, including cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and so much more.

To develop stunning websites for your business using the Laravel framework, you need the help of a remarkable Laravel web development company. To make it easier for you, we have researched and compiled a list of the 10 Best Laravel Development Companies. These companies were selected and listed due to their proven expertise in creating stunning websites for almost every industry's needs.

Check out the list and choose the Laravel development company that suits your requirements the most.

  1. Spawoz Technologies

    Being at the forefront of innovation, and always striving to deliver the best to clients all around the globe, Spawoz Technologies is an excellent choice as a Laravel web development company. Founded in 2016, Spawoz made a notable transformation in how the Laravel development services are provided and tops the list of best Laravel development companies. Within a short time since its inception, Spawoz strived to prove its abilities in Laravel web development and made an enormous list of happy clients in the process.

    Quick turnaround time, highly scalable solutions, a vibrant professional team - These are some qualities of Spawoz Technologies that clients often use to describe the services it provides. 

    To deliver the best, a company must always be alert of the latest technological advancements and incorporate them into the services it provides. Spawoz Technologies is known to do just that and delivers the best solutions in Laravel development.

    Over the years, Spawoz has worked to meet the requirements of several industries and takes delight in providing ground-breaking solutions to businesses of all sizes. With an enthusiastic team of developers and a futuristic outlook, Spawoz Technologies proves once again that no job is too hard or too small.

    Connect with them today, and they will deliver exceptional and cost-effective Laravel development services for your online business, in the shortest time possible.

  2. Just Coded

    Headquartered in London, England, JustCoded is one among the top Laravel Development Companies in the UK that provides successful products and services for startups and fintech.

    To provide a solution, JustCoded undergoes a four-step procedure involving Discovery, Creative, Engineering and Support. This division helps them provide competent services without any compromise in quality. Using these steps, JustCoded converts your ideas, even if they are vague, to robust products.

    JustCoded is a complete development partner for Startups. They uphold the "partner-partner" approach by which they view each product as valuable as it is for the clients.

    A surprising advantage of working with JustCoded is that they try to provide services at the very pace you require it. If your company needs to achieve a set of milestones within a short time, yes, JustCoded will help you with that. Connect with them today and have a detailed discussion on what's feasible and suitable for your business.

  3. Design codes

    Design Codes is one among the top Laravel development companies in India that focuses on providing flexible and cost-effective solutions. Located in West Bengal, India, Design Codes is driven by enthusiasm to create outstanding solutions.

    An exciting aspect of Design Codes is that they try to provide Laravel web services by combining knowledge with passion. Apart from Laravel web development, Design Codes delivers services, including UI/UX Design, Mobile application development, and hosting services, to name a few.

    Irrespective of the business type, Design Codes can deliver the right solution to your needs. For companies wanting quick development services, Design Codes is the right choice. 

    To enhance the quality of services it provides and reduce the time involved, Design Codes assigns various roles in development to individuals having exceptional skill sets.

    If your business requirements are in alignment with the services Design Codes provide, contact them for a detailed discussion and their customer representative will get back to you soon.

  4. Astwellsoft

    Headquartered in Oblast, Ukraine Astwellsoft is an IT solutions provider that is mainly known for its Laravel web services. They have an excellent team of developers that primarily focuses on delivering Laravel development, especially to startups.

    Even if you are in the initial stage of product prototyping, Astwellsoft can help you surpass these baby steps in full confidence with its vibrant team providing remarkable outsourcing services, making it rank high in the list of best Laravel development companies. 

    As Astwellsoft is keen to provide IT solutions to startups, they lay down the services they provide as specific categories that involve Prototyping, Full Product Development, Support, Development of additional functionalities, QA and testing, and consulting services.

    For Astwellsoft, their expertise is well justified by the quality of the services they deliver. This substantially amounts to the number of satisfied customers and the effectiveness of their products. For transforming your idea into a functional product, contact Astwellsoft, and they will get back to you soon.

  5. XeoDev

    XeoDev is a web design and software development company located in Orlando, Florida. One main reason for XeoDev to be a leading Laravel development agency is its take in combining innovation and technology. 

    According to XeoDev, its ideal client is a solopreneur or a business needing a technology partner to expand its influence in the industry further.

    With a dedicated team and perfect utilisation of the latest technologies, XeoDev produces astounding solutions, making it easier for its clients to grow their business.

    Apart from Laravel development services, XeoDev also provides services, including mobile app development and cloud consulting. Also, they have proven skills in developing projects involving IoT Beacons, Swift, Cordova and more.

    XeoDev also has a certified AWS Solution Architect, who will help in providing secure and scalable cloud hosting services at the lowest cost possible.

    If you feel XeoDev can make a difference to your business, contact them the earliest and discuss a solution that suits your needs.

  6. Highland Solutions

    Located in Chicago, US, Highland Solutions is a Laravel development agency involved in research, design and development of digital products for companies of all sizes.

    With over 20 years of experience in the domain, and an excellent team of developers, designers, and strategists, Highland Solutions help companies identify opportunities for growth.

    Highland Solutions has a People-First approach which helps them develop solutions for their clients, keeping the end-user in mind. Their constant urge to learn helps them incorporate the best practices in the industry with the services they deliver.

    Highland Solutions sees quality as a non-negotiable factor for their work. This is heavily reflected in their works, providing seamless and robust solutions. They also see their client's goal as their own goals which further improves the quality of services they provide.

    If your business requires Laravel development services, Highland Solutions is one among the best Laravel development companies in the USA. Connect with them, and they will help you with a high-quality, cost-effective solution for your company.

  7. Tuva Interactive

    Founded in 1996, Tuva Interactive is a web development company located in Kirkwood, Missouri. With its prime emphasis on creating impactful designs, Tuva puts extra thoughts and efforts in formulating rich User Experience.

    Tuva holds a strong presence in the web development industry by building custom web applications precisely as per client requirements.

    Tuva Interactive has a dedicated team of developers providing outstanding development services, making it a major player in the industry. Its approach in delivering clean, yet highly functional web applications, guarantees a higher number of returning customers.

    Tuva's approach is to place the customer in mind during the entire development phase. This gives them a better insight into the functionalities and help in providing the best user experience.

    With clients spread across diverse industries, Tuva always strives to build simple and responsive websites. If Tuva's approach and expertise are what you were looking for, contact them now.

  8. Rudra Innovative Software

    Headquartered in Ajitgarh, Punjab, Rudra Innovative Software is one among the best Laravel development companies in India, that offers exceptional Laravel package development to clients in all parts of the world.

    They deliver custom software solutions to Small and Medium Businesses, Enterprises, and Startups. Its cutting-edge web development services are ideal for startups and large organisations alike. 

    A striking benefit of approaching Rudra Innovative is that they always think about the end-users first and works to make solutions around it.

    With 1400+ successful projects and 800+ happy clients worldwide, Rudra Software Innovative takes pride in providing dependable services to clients and help them create a strong web presence.

    An experienced and skilled team of web developers, designers, software engineers and consultants are what makes Rudra Innovative Software a reputable and reliable software development company.

    To benefit from its strategic planning and result-oriented approach, connect with them today, and they will deliver you the best services in the industry, within the shortest time possible.

  9. Tkxel

    Founded in 2008, Tkxel is a Custom Software Development Company in the USA. They boast a dedicated team of developers that provide groundbreaking solutions, precisely as per client needs.

    Apart from Laravel development services, they are also deeply involved in service ranges, including UI/UX Designs, Cybersecurity and Product Strategy, to name a few.

    Headquartered in Virginia, USA Tkxel also has offices in London, Seattle, Boston, Lahore and Dubai. Along with development services, Tkxel also provides Discovery Workshop, a two-week collaborative workshop to define a client's idea from a business point of view.

    Another reason for Tkxel's customer desirability is its approach in incorporating the latest technologies into the services it provides. It leverages the potentials of Softwares including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, AWS and MuleSoft.

    Tkxel is also known for its involvement in emerging fields including Machine Learning, AR/VR, Blockchain, IoT and Big Data. For exceptional solutions, contact them today, and they will deliver solutions precisely as per your needs.

  10. HighSolutions

    HighSolutions defines itself to be a complete dedicated IT partner for businesses. With its office situated in Poland, HighSolutions is keen to provide state-of-the-art IT solutions to businesses of all sizes.

    What makes HighSolutions a top Laravel development company is the fact that they don't rely on ready-made solutions to meet your requirements. Instead, they make sure each product they deliver is created from scratch and specifically for your business purpose.

    HighSolutions lay down their stats as a company that writes 10,000 lines of codes a day, has 500,000 users per year, with eight years of experience and 19 skilled members in two offices in Poland.

    With substantial expertise in Laravel development and exceptional international exposure gained through working in 10 countries, HighSolutions will help you conquer your business goals with smart solutions.

    If you feel HighSolutions can help you solve the complex requirements of your business, connect with them today.

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