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Laravel 9 installation guide: The Best PHP framework 2023

What are the requirements for Laravel 9?

PHP Requirement Minimum

Installation of Laravel 9 requires the most recent versions of PHP 8, PHPUnit 9, and various more prerequisites that will be mentioned in the future. As a framework, Laravel is dependent on a number of open-source Symfony 9 libraries. 

The Laravel team was compelled to postpone the launch of Laravel v9 because Symfony intended to deliver v6.0 by November 2021. Due to Laravel 9's reliance on Symfony's most recent v6.0 version, which requires PHP 8, PHP 8 is a prerequisite. To understand the improvements and features of PHP 8, from the Just-In-Time compiler (JIT) to function Object() { [native code] } property promotion, you can investigate what is new in PHP 8 and the various PHP version benchmarks.

Unidentified Stub Migration

When using the well-liked migration command: anonymous stub migration, Laravel plans to implement this as the default behaviour:

php artisan make:migration

In order to address the Github issue, the anonymous stub migration feature was initially added in Laravel 8.37. Multiple migrations with the same class name can cause problems when trying to reconstruct the complete database, which is where the problem arises. Collisions in migration class names are eliminated by the stub migration feature.

Query Builder Interface

Type hinting is incredibly trustworthy for refactoring, inactivity analysis, and code completion in their IDEs with Laravel 9. That's because QueryBuilder, EloquentBuilder, and EloquentRelation require a shared interface or inheritance. Engineers may now take advantage of the new query builder interface for type hinting, refactoring, and static analysis thanks to Laravel 9.

String functions for PHP 8

Since PHP 8 is the target platform for Laravel 9, Laravel combined this PR and advises using the most recent PHP 8 string functions. These operations make use of the internal IlluminateSupportStr class methods str contains(), str starts with(), and str ends with(). The enhancements and functionality outlined for Laravel 9 are just a preview of what's to come. There will undoubtedly be some bug patches, new features, and, of course, many advancements.

Here are the prerequisites for Laravel 9:

  • The most recent PHP 8 variant.
  • For testing, use PHPUnit 8.
  • v6.0 of Symfony

Why do we need to move from Laravel 8 to Laravel 9


Flysystem 2.0

Laravel 9.x has transitioned from Flysystem 1.x to Flysystem 2.x. Flysystem is the engine that drives all of the record modification techniques offered by the Capacity fa├žade. Due to this, your application may need to make a few changes. In any case, we made an effort to make this change as logical as we could.

Symfony Mailer

The switch from SwiftMailer, which will no longer be supported as of December 2021, to Symfony Mailer is one of the main changes in Laravel 9.x. Laravel made an effort to make this shift as consistent as possible for your applications. To ensure your application is flawlessly consistent, it would be good to carefully read the list of changes below.

Null and custom casting

In earlier Laravel releases, if the cast attribute was set to null, the set strategy of custom cast classes was not called. This behaviour, nevertheless, was inconsistent with the Laravel documentation. The cast course's set strategy will be called in Laravel 9.x with null as the supplied $value argument. Therefore, you should ensure that your custom casts can handle this case well.


What Has Changed in Laravel 9?

With Laravel 9, some significant new features are included. Some of the most notable ones are as follows:

  • New routes list layout: This modification makes managing large routes inside the console much simpler.
  • Migrations of Default Anonymous Stubs and Themes have been improved, and you can now choose or alter accessible themes as you see fit.
  • New query Builder Interface
  • PHP string function: The updated version emphasises using the str contains-integrated string function ()
  • HTTP clients have a default timeout of 30 seconds.
  • If you want your application to be more consistent, switch from SwiftMailer to Symfony Mailer.

Learn more about the most recent Laravel here.


Features of Laravel 9

MySql Composer 8.0.2+ and PHP A PHP package manager is called composer. Full-stack web application framework Laravel features a strong, gorgeous design. A web framework provides a basis and a starting point for creating your application, allowing you to focus on creating something amazing. At the same time, it takes care of the low-level practicalities.


Laravel 9 with composer installation

By starting a new project with composer and following the instructions, you may install Laravel 9. Run the following command in a fresh command-line interface:


composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel9byexample


For instance, composer create-project laravel / laravel laravel9. To serve your Laravel 9 application using a local development server, wait for the composer to create the project's files and install any dependencies from its registry. Then perform the commands that follow:


cd laravel9byexample

php artisan serve


To set up a local development environment in macOS, utilise Laravel ValetI'm ready, Click on the provided link to view the output as shown below. 

If you face any issues while installing, please contact us.

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