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Best Fintech Software Development companies- 2023

Are you looking for the top services for creating financial applications? We have produced a list of the most respected fintech app developers in the financial industry. Many new financial applications are entering the market. Some of the advancements are peer-to-peer sharing applications, mobile banking apps, and stock market trading apps. While expert wallet app developers can help you create wallet apps like Paypal and GooglePay, app developers can help you give all smartphone users the convenience of mobile banking.

These are the top 10 companies offering fintech development services globally. There is no single option that is always the greatest, thus the businesses are ranked according to what the client perceives as their top priority: their capacity to get into projects fast and influence their clients' business growth.

1. Spawoz

Spawoz Technologies is a high-end web development company with a number of cutting-edge features. Spawoz Technologies consistently goes above and beyond while providing services to clients in order to fulfil their demands and beyond their expectations. The best Angular development firm for your website is Spawoz Technologies, which has a talented staff of top-tier developers and designers. Along with Angular development, Spawoz Technologies offers other types of development, including:

There are other additional solutions. Spawoz Technologies is famous for producing beautiful online applications using the TYPO3 CMS, the WordPress Framework Laravel, and Angular application development. It is always a delight for Spawoz Technologies to provide outstanding online solutions that are flexible, trustworthy, scalable, and fully customised to match the needs of our clients. If you need a beautiful website quickly or if your current site needs a dynamic facelift, Spawoz Technologies can help. When you get in touch with them for reasonable, trustworthy solutions, one of their representatives will reply right away.

Check out the Spawoz technologies Case study


2. Praxent

Praxent specialises in developing fintech software and has come to the conclusion that the key to raising conversion rates, customer engagement, and product usage is to provide a simple, individualized, and totally seamless user experience. Businesses always need fintech software developers who put their clients first. Their developers create engaging financial user experiences since they know how important it is to get a competitive edge. The good news is that even minor adjustments can make your financial brand stand out.


Hourly wage: $50 to $100

Employees- 50 to 200

Founded in 2000


3. Miquido

Miquido is aware of the demands of contemporary banking. They provide you with the greatest banking solution available, whether you require a customer-focused product or a solution to streamline your business processes. They do this by combining cutting-edge technology with years of experience in the field. Change the way people finance by developing your own digital platform. You can design user-centred solutions like digital wallets or mobile banking apps using their services for mobile banking development. Use a long-term data-driven approach to implement special Machine Learning features and Data Science solutions to increase your product's usability or revenue.



The fintech industry must comply with complex and exacting criteria for software usability, sophisticated security, scalability, and effective performance while working with massive data. EffectiveSoft maintains tight relationships with several financial institutions and is sufficiently knowledgeable about the sector to guard against any potential errors. By offering financial software development services, they help financial firms create secure and reliable IT environments.


Rate per hour: unknown

300 employees

Founded in 2000



A fintech software development company called Inoxoft assists companies with automation issues, improving trade performance, and digitising financial services. We help people and companies make wise investments in the creation of fintech software solutions.

Make sure that millions of customers, significant vendors, and investors get the finest fintech experience imaginable. We provide digital opportunities for you to implement these innovations into the Fintech industry and establish yourself as a leading supplier of finance software development services.


Hourly wage: $50 to $100

50 employees out of 249

Created in 2014


6.Experion technologies

The Fintech industry is expanding quickly, just like other corporate sectors. This transformation has been considerably aided by digitization. Banking transactions are now as easy and flawless as those in any other industry thanks to digital technology. However, other industries, such as those with financial software systems, may also be impacted. The customer experience is crucial for companies that deal with financial transactions, and Experion can provide outcomes that are flawless. You may rely on them to improve your client experience because of their considerable financial experience.


Pay per hour between $26 and $50

Personnel: 1,000 to 9,999

Started 200


7. The Software House

The team at the Software House has created, built, and maintained systems for Seed A, B, and C businesses as well as those expanding into new geographies. They are aware of the technological and commercial difficulties facing fintech businesses as they work to reach millions of users.

In the past nine years, more than 160 products or improvements with a competitive edge have been made. Their Fintech software engineers now wish to support your efforts.


$50 to $100 per hourly rate

Employees: 249 out of 50

Started  2012


8. Appventurez

Technology improvements have led to a sharp expansion of the banking and financial sector. Strong security is becoming increasingly important while preserving the greatest user experience as everyday transaction procedures and payment systems become more digital. In order to improve workflow, Appventurez successfully provides banking and finance solutions to financial institutions, insurance companies, and banking institutions. Take advantage of their Fintech app development to revitalise your business.


Pay per hour between $26 and $50

50 employees out of 249

Created in 2018


9. Softjurn

Softjurn understands that keeping up with all of the clients diverts your attention and time due to payments' always-changing innovation. They specialise in creating cutting-edge, competitively advantaged custom payment gateway systems.

Every sector of business must compensate its workers. From accepting customer payments to enabling users to pay one another, they make sure that every aspect of a transaction is handled correctly. They have you covered no matter what your role is or how much assistance you need. Their fintech developers can create any application you can imagine, from cutting-edge solutions to the incorporation of current technologies. Users will delight in interacting with any system we design for you, and security will remain constant throughout.


$50 to $100 per hourly rate

250 to 999 employees

Established- 2001


10. Sombra

In previous years, Sombra has started a number of financial projects, some of which are long-term fixes. They pay close attention to the benefits that our clients derive from our work. They are able to develop safe and user-friendly software because of their strong technological foundation and attention to detail. We all understand the importance of these characteristics for any Fintech company operating today. Every day, they work to meet your needs and provide only the best products. Their main goals are to boost your productivity, protect your goods, and, most importantly, save you time and money.


Pay per hour between $26 and $50

Employees: 50 - 249

Established - 2013



Business owners must take into account a variety of criteria while outsourcing the creation of financial apps to the best fintech app developers. Spawoz strives to help users by providing a list of the top firms that build fintech mobile applications. To locate and offer our clients the best financial software developers, we believe that every aspect of performance needs to be considered. The continuous, alluring, and dependable app development services provided by the aforementioned businesses will be advantageous to clients worldwide. The top financial app developers are equipped with the necessary technological know-how to produce cutting-edge applications that satisfy their customers' expectations.

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