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Gutenberg 13.7 the Latest WordPress Release – Spawoz

Better user interface design increases control over the whole site editor, and better workflow is all feature of Gutenberg 13.7.WordPress introduced Gutenberg 13.7, which includes several changes to the user interface and workflow as well as greater granular control within the complete site editor.

Like every other WordPress release, this is a cumulative upgrade rather than a brand-new experience. Consequently, the editing process ought to be more natural and intuitive.


Block Locking Provides More Fine-Grained Control

Version 13.7 adds new enhancements to the locking of block elements to prevent their modification. Users can now apply the lock functionality to block elements that are contained within a block that is being locked, which is the most recent improvement. The lock feature that has been applied to a block can be passed on to the blocks it contains by choosing a toggle.

Enhanced pop-up menus

On top of the page being worked on, popup menus known as "Modals" might appear from which numerous adjustments can be done, like altering preferences. The document underneath the menu is given a blur as a result of this alteration. The emphasis is improved by blurring the page behind the modal popup menu. While this new function was still being developed, some people expressed concern over the possibility that the user would lose track of what was changing due to the blurring. They proposed that, under certain circumstances, blurring the background would render the user unable to notice what was being changed, thereby erasing context.

More Design Control with the Template System

The user now has more template creation options that may be tailored to particular categories, tags, pages, and custom post kinds.This is a good addition because it eliminates a conspicuous restriction and broadens the scope of what may be accomplished using the Gutenberg complete site editor.

Streamlining Workflow

There are other enhancements that aim to enhance and streamline the workflow by giving users more choices. One of these modifications allows users to choose a featured image from the media placeholder rather than uploading it or picking it from the media library.

Time to read

Another new feature is the capability to estimate how long it will take to read the document. The information box in the Post Editor screen now includes this new functionality in addition to feedback on the number of words, characters, heading elements used, paragraphs, and blocks. It is quite helpful to know how long it takes the typical reader to read a document.

Numerous Enhancements

The new Gutenberg 13.7 is an incremental improvement rather than a significant departure from the prior version. The changes might not be immediately noticeable, but they will make editing feel more natural. This update includes new features like a colour picker, enhanced document settings, a better full-site editing experience, and other bug improvements. It also affects almost every aspect of the Gutenberg editor.

Document settings have been improved.

The post settings section in the sidebar received a design upgrade in earlier editions. The following section has been refined in this release: The post format, slug, template, and authors fields are all aligned and the same width. The template displays 'default template' rather than none, and clicking the Permalink link opens a popover to alter the slug. The end effect is a cleaner, more ordered display that should allow you to quickly access all of the key information about your post/page.

Other improvements in Gutenberg 13.7:

  • Modal design for the Preferences screen and other screens has been updated to decrease noise, add background blur, and make the look more consistent.
  • In the placeholder for a new Cover block, "Use featured image" is added to the Upload and Media Library options.
  • The post title block now has text-decoration support.


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