Visitor Analytics

About Visitor Analytics

Visitor analytics is a website analytics tracking website, where visitors can track their website by integrating it with visitor analytics. Few other tools can provide a similar set of features within the same app. Starting with website traffic stats and adding visitor session recordings, heatmaps, and funnels, Visitor Analytics already offers most of the tools website owners need, in one place.

Business Requirement

The client wanted the website to be built on a powerful Typo3 that provides all the required functionalities and is simple to use. Our client needs an Analytics tracking website containing a live tracker, demo page, and a plan booking feature. They required a live chat box and support feature also. The website also directs to an analytics tracking page where customers can track their websites.


  • Based on our understanding of their business model, we provided the solution of a responsive Typo3 website.
  • Developed Tracking page where clients can track their websites.
  • Designed a safe and secure typo3 system with a private account for each user.
  • Added payment options
  • Added an option to checkout as a guest without creating an account, in order to improve user experience.





  • Try free demo
  • Social media integration
  • Add to cart option
  • Add to wish list option
  • Slider in homepage
  • Login option

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