About the website owned by SWISS TRAVEL CLUB an organization aims to promote the exchange of information between individual travellers. The customer is dealing with individual travel around the world for many years.

Business Requirement

Our client wanted to upgrade their TYPO3 website from an older version to the latest version including some design modifications. They also want to change the old bootstrap library to the latest one without modifying the existing look and feel of the website. They wanted to have the website that must be user-friendly and responsive as well.


Our TYPO3 experts worked with the customer's website to upgrade the old system to the latest one, including the latest PHP support. The customer's hosting team decided to drop support for PHP versions less than 8.0, and the Spawoz team ensured the website's compatibility with the latest PHP version. Our team also changed from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 5, maintaining the same look and feel while improving user-friendliness. The fast and responsive website increased the customer's digital visibility, and they appreciated the result.


Travel & Tourism

Reisen und Tourismus


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