About Heididorf

Heididorf is an agricultural website talking about Heidi, the main character from Johanna Spyri's novel of the same name. Written in 1880 and 1881, it has become a world bestseller and has been one of the most popular books for generations. With her novel, Johanna Spyri has made an inestimable contribution to Swiss cultural and literary history

Business Requirement

Our client needs an agricultural website with some shopping features on it. They were using homemade products so they need an eCommerce website to sell them. They needed a solution that would streamline their sales, which could be easy for the admin to maintain content. They need social media integration and a search option.


We have made the website with TyO3 and integrated a shopping portal to shop their utensils, also some offers and search options.

  • CMS solution helped our client for easy administration of content and news area to provide information for both internal users and visitors.
  • Our team build a website which their clients can easily purchase items from shopping portal, also we integrated a search option where customers can find their products.
  • We developed different modules for online shop, blog page, news publishing, and providing company details.





  • Inquiry form
  • Shopping portal
  • Responsive website
  • Search option
  • Login form

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