Engadin skimarathon

About Engadin skimarathon

The Giubilers are inextricably linked to the Engadin Skimarathon. Without the Engadin Skimarathon there would be no Giubilers. The OC of the Engadin Skimarathon has been awarding the title "Giubiler" since 1989. At that time, all cross-country skiers were honored who had competed in all the "Engadiner" races, which were 20 runs at the time. The modalities were recorded and recorded in a founding agreement in 1988. In the years that followed, the number of Giubilers steadily decreased.

Business Requirement 

Our Client need a Typo3 based website for their guibilers services. They need a responsive crisp and clean website to showcase their services.The also need a search and login option where their members can login and get access, also they need to integrate news option on their homepage.


We have created a Typo3 based website for their guibilers needs . We have gone through their needs and setup all the requirements they needed, we have added a search option and login options. Also a gallery to showcase their works.




  • Upcoming events
  • Photo Gallery
  • Search option
  • Login feature
  • News portal

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