<h3>About Gewerbeverband</h3>

<p>We are stronger as a group was the actual basic idea under which entrepreneurs from the municipality of Lichtenau wanted to work together in the Lichtenau Trade Association. Regular meetings are intended to improve mutual understanding and thus a faster exchange of information. The organization and implementation of joint activities and promotions are</p>

<h3>Business Requirement</h3>

<ul class="list-unstyled ul-arrow-service overflow-hidden">
    <li>Our client wanted a website to showcase their Trade Association, contact, and social media integration.</li>
    <li>They wanted different tabs for the home page, service, association and offerings.</li>
    <li>Under each tab were sub-tabs for each activity which will help visitors for easy navigation.</li>
    <li>Online contact form for inquiry.</li>
    <li>Search option which will help visitors to find out easily what they are searching for.</li>
    <li>Also want to showcase upcoming events on their homepage.</li>


<ul class="list-unstyled ul-arrow-service overflow-hidden">
    <li>We developed a fast and friendly website in TYPO3 platform.</li>
    <li>Developed different web pages for home page, service, associaton, and offerings with sub-tabs.</li>
    <li>We designed an online contact form and search option.</li>




  • Details of service, events.
  • Responsive website.
  • Content management system.
  • Online contact form.
  • Calender.
  • Upcoming events.

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