Social Media Widget Documentation

1. Introduction

The social media widget developed by the Spawoz can be used to generate floating social media icons and can be easily installed using the extension manager. The social media links can be easily added in the backend.

The plugin is not restricted to just social media linking, but can also be used for internal links, external links, files and so much more.

The social media widget unfolds an outstanding possibility for effectively linking your social media handles to your website. Upgrade your site with this extension and see a tremendous increase in your social media traffic. It redefines the adaptability of TYPO3 plugins and brings additional value to it. This tiny widget has an effectiveness range, far beyond its peers.

2. Screenshots



3. Users Manual

This is a very simple and easy configurable social media widget extension. User can manage the predefined social media items in the backend.
Install the extension using extension manager.
Include the extension in root page static template.
Edit root page properties.
In the extended social media tab, user can add the link title, icon and link.
Rather than social media items, user can add internal link, external link, file, phone etc.

4. Administrator Manual

By default jquery library has been disabled inside the extension. If the website has already jQuery library, we don't need to include the library from the extension.
If we need to load jQuery library from the extension, use the following typoscript configuration (setup);
plugin.tx_sptsocialmedia_sptsocialmedia.settings.includeJSLib = 1

5. FAQ

If you’ve any questions/suggestions, please post it in the GitHub account or send us an email to

Git Repository:

Extension Repository:


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