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How to integrate Store Locator (TYPO3 Ext)?


The Store Locator TYPO3 extension is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence by providing their customers with the ability to easily locate their physical stores. This extension enables website owners to add and manage store locations with ease, as well as customize the display of store information to meet their specific needs. The Store Locator extension is highly flexible, allowing users to display store locations in a variety of formats, such as map and list views. This extension is also easy to install and use, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes and technical skill levels. Overall, the Store Locator TYPO3 extension is an essential tool for businesses seeking to provide their customers with a seamless, convenient shopping experience both online and in-store.

Users Manual

1. Login to the TYPO3 Backend (Eg: The domain name needs to be replaced with the actual one.

2. Go to the “Admin Tools > Extensions” module in the left side panel.

3. Click on the “Extension Upload” icon in the extension manager.

4. Browse the extension zip file and click on the “Upload” button. If the extension is already installed, check the “Overwrite” flag. After that make sure the extension is installed on the system.

5. After the extension has been installed, goto the “Web > List” module and click on the root page to include the extension in the TS template. Once the TS Template edited, go to “Includes” tab and add the extension to "Include static (from extensions)". Once included click on “Save”.

6. Once the extension is included in the TS Template, goto the backend "List" module and create a storage folder to store the store informations.



figure (I)

figure (2)


figure (3) - List/Table View

figure (4) - Map View

Administrator Manual

For the map view, need to cofigure the Google Map API key in typoscript settings:


In Map plugin flexform, we've few options are available;

- "Map pin image file path": To manage the path of the Google Map marker image.
- "Map Center Latitude": Map Center Latitude.
- "Map Center Longitude": Map Center Longitude.

"Map Center Latitude" and "Map Center Longitude" are optional if this fields are empty, then it will take the first store location's latitude and longitude.


Have any doubts? please post it in the GitHub account or send us an email to

Git Repository:

Extension Repository:

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