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Best Angular Development Companies - 2023

Developing applications with interactive and cutting-edge functionalities is essential for today's digital world. The most widely used frontend framework for creating dynamic single-page applications is AngularJS. It can create any type of web application, in addition to interactive applications. That is the main reason why AngularJS is used in a wide range of projects, including those from Netflix, Google,, Upwork, etc. Understanding this web development platform is crucial if you want to create apps with interactive and sophisticated features. Without them, the apps lack the necessary features that are mandated to be present. For this reason, businesses search for experienced AngularJS development firms to aid in the creation of unique applications. Finding an AngularJS development company is not difficult, but choosing the best one that operates according to a specific set of requirements and values can be challenging.

These are the list of Best Angular Development Companies that offer a wide range of development services, possess incredible expertise, and have clients all over the world. They also construct excellent software solutions:


1. Spawoz Technologies

Spawoz Technologies is a High-end web and angular development firm that has a variety of cutting-edge features. When serving clients, Spawoz Technologies always goes above and beyond to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Because of its skilled team of top-tier developers and designers, Spawoz Technologies is the perfect Angular development company for your website. In addition to Angular development, Spawoz Technologies provides development options like,

And there are more solutions. With the TYPO3 CMS, the WordPress Framework Laravel , and Angular application development, Spawoz Technologies is renowned for creating stunning web applications. Delivering exceptional web solutions that are adaptable, dependable, scalable, and completely customized to meet the needs of our clients is always a pleasure for Spawoz Technologies. Spawoz Technologies can assist if you require an attractive website quickly or if your current site requires a dynamic makeover. One of their representatives will respond as soon as you contact them for affordable, reliable solutions.


2. Sombra

Since 2013, the company Sombra has focused on developing custom software and it is one of the best angular development companies. They create and deliver high-quality, high-performing web and mobile solutions and also provide audit consulting and outstaffing services. Sombra employs skilled developers, QA engineers, and project managers who work with a variety of technologies, including Angular, Node JS, Vue JS, React, Python, and others. The development team frequently demonstrates a western approach to working with clients, and their tech stack is really impressive. Numerous large and small companies from the US, the UK, and various regions of Europe have collaborated with Sombra. It is reasonable to rank them first among other Angular development companies given their extensive experience and impressive portfolio (full of interesting custom web and mobile projects of various sizes and complexity).

The business specializes in developing,

  • SaaS
  • CRMs
  • Healthcare applications
  • web and mobile apps
  •  Fintech solutions.


3. Altamira

Altamira is a software engineering company made up of real professionals who have been transforming various businesses into digital enterprises for more than ten years. It is considered one of the best angular development companies. Along with web and mobile development, this software development company also provides design services. They are the ideal option for any company searching for a dependable tech partner. Software engineers with extensive experience using a range of technologies work for Altamira. They have excellent front-end and back-end coding. This team utilises a variety of technology stacks, including Angular, PHP, Yii, Laravel, Python, Kotlin, Swift, Javascript, and many others.

Altamira is good at building excellent apps, but this business also understands how to design a smart environment for companies. They have experience developing IoT solutions as well as working with AR, VR, cloud solutions, and enterprise mobility. If you decide to hire Altamira as your Angular developer, they will produce more than 25 excellent mobile and web applications each year, and yours could be the next.


4. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft  is a well-known American software development company and has created solutions for both large and small businesses,since 2007, They have experience working with well-known brands, and their portfolio includes a variety of impressive software solutions it is one of best angular development companies. Intellectsoft provides a huge variety of services. They are not only good at creating web and mobile applications, but they also provide consulting and product engineering services.

The team members excel at coding in a variety of languages, including Java, C++, Python, Swift, Kotlin, etc. They are also experts in a number of frameworks. Like Altamira, Intellectsoft works with numerous business niches. The primary ones listed on their website are as follows,

  • Travel and hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Events and venues.


5. IT Craft

IT Craft is a business with a long-standing good reputation. They have 19 years of experience in the software development industry, so they are experts when it comes to business software optimization. It is considered one of the good angular development companies. Each year, IT Craft produces innovative web and mobile apps, and as of this writing, they have released more than 2200 solutions. Their technology stack is quite diverse, and working with Angular, React, and Vue has given them a solid foundation in front-end coding.

The business provides system administration, redevelopment of outdated software, custom web and mobile app development, and MVP development services. Their Angular projects are strong and attractive to the eye. Simply go to their website's Portfolio section to look at them. Due to the variety of businesses that their clients run, IT Craft developed expertise in developing web applications for businesses involved in logistics, e-learning, healthcare, drone and mapping, navigation, etc.


6. Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares , to meet all of their clients' web development needs, they offer end-to-end AngularJS development services. They develop apps for the majority of platforms, including those for music, streaming video, e-commerce, and service portals. Their team of highly skilled AngularJS development experts can meet the specific requirements of your company, whether they involve a custom widget, a learning platform, or an interactive dashboard. It is considered one of the good angular development companies. A reputable Angular web development company, Arka Softwares, employs knowledgeable developers who are skilled in this framework. They are able to successfully combine its most complex features into single-page client app as a result, making them more engaging and user-friendly.

There are some AngularJs services offered by arka software some of them are 

  • AngularJS mobile app development,
  • AngularJs hybrid app development 
  • AngularJS web development.
  • Custom AngularJS development.


7. Baires Dev

BairesDev team has more experience in the development industry, the BairesDev team draws a lot of clients. They can take pride in their outstanding accomplishments and the projects they have completed for various companies. It would be fair to refer to them as a leading Angular development company in the European market given their expertise in creating the best business management tools and assisting clients in increasing their productivity and profit. It is considered one of the good angular development companies. BairesDev, like the other AngularJS development companies we've already mentioned, has experience in a wide range of sectors, from e-commerce and real estate to transportation and logistics. They utilize the primary benefit of Angular app development to benefit the client's projects because they are aware of it. There are many positive reviews from customers on their website, which you can find.

8. Mobiweb Technologies

Mobiweb Technologies is a leading provider of high-quality services for building beautiful and aesthetically pleasing mobile and web applications using the AngularJS framework. They have a skilled group of programmers who have created a lot of Angularjs-based web applications. They create responsive websites, online e-commerce stores, and other things depending on the requirements and needs of the customer. Their development team stays up to date on the latest software and hardware that enables interactive and dynamic real-time web apps. There are some of AngularJs services provided.They are,

  • AngularJS support and maintenance  
  • Dynamic web application development  
  • Angular upgrade services 
  • Custom AngularJS development  


9. Angular Minds

Angular Minds is one of the best Angular Development Companies.In order to offer complete AngularJS solutions to businesses around the world. Utilizing frontend technologies like AngularJS and Node.js, it has created a number of cutting-edge online applications. With the assistance of skilled Angular developers, the company offers optimized app development solutions. A desire to build fantastic web, mobile, and cloud solutions for customers around the globe, adopting cutting-edge technologies is designed by programmers to meet customers' expectations while keeping up with the most recent trends. There are some AngularJs services which Angular Minds provides,

  • App design and development
  • AngularJS QA and Testing.
  • AngularJS Cross-Platform Develpment.
  • Single Page Application Development.

10. Codiant

Codiant is a specialised Angular.JS development company that works with a variety of businesses to deliver cutting-edge Angular-powered solutions globally and it is founded in 2010,. It provides specialised web and mobile application development services, making sure that customers receive everything on a single platform. Its web development initiatives create user interfaces that are incredibly expressive, and responsive SPAs take advantage of the clear and readable coding standards. It is considered as one of the good angular development companies.

 There are some AngularJS services provided by codiant:

  • AngularJS version migration.
  • AngularJS framework plugin development.
  • Single page Application.
  • AngularJS web development.

11. Elitex

Elitex is yet another custom software development company with extensive knowledge in creating mobile and web applications as well as a strong portfolio. In terms of Angular development, Javascript web development, and committed team management, they are experts. The engineers at this tech firm are skilled programmers who are familiar with Angular, React, and other tools. It is considered as one of the good angular development companies. According to the business, half of its programmers have more than four years' worth of experience creating solutions. So there is no reason to question the quality of mobile or web applications. For the following sectors: Fintech, education, information technology, real estate, content management, telecom & security, and others, Elitex creates custom software.

12. Infinum

Infinum is a leading US-based software development firm. According to a statement on their website, this team excels at creating solutions for venture-based startups, expanding companies, and they also collaborate with well-known brands. The company has won numerous accolades, which is a true testament to the excellent work that all of its web development experts are producing. Infinum provides a range of software services, including design, web and mobile development, research and discovery, and quality assurance. In terms of front-end development, the team has expertise in writing React, Angular, and Vue.js code. Additionally, they have a focus on IoT and Blockchain development and are skilled at providing solutions that are ideal for a variety of industries.


13. IndiaNic

IndiaNic is a well-known Angular development company that was founded in 1998 and focuses on building strong AngularJS solutions for companies with complicated frontend requirements. IndiaNic offers comprehensive solutions for each of its services while successfully implementing challenging tasks in an enterprise-level setting. Their Angular developers use their logical frontend development expertise and knowledge to assist businesses in gaining the control and scalability needed with application development services. Some of the AngularJs services provided by IndiaNic are,

  • UI/UX design 
  • Hybrid apps  
  • Customer AngularJS development 
  • API/ backend development 

14. Algoworks

Algoworks ranks among the best companies using Angular.JS and it was founded in 2006. It uses all of AngularJS's fantastic features to increase the applications' agility and dynamic nature. The latest web technologies and frameworks are well-known to its Angular developers. Additionally, its open business practices guarantee that every project is finished on schedule and within budget. They create Angular.JS apps quickly, efficiently, and with flexibility, resulting in an effective user experience.

  • Plug-ins development
  • Web app development 
  • Interactive UI development 

15. Appnovation

Appnovation provides AngularJS development services with a focus on creating innovative, feature-rich applications renowned for their excellent performance, scalability, and security. Their AngularJS developers have the skills necessary to create a variety of cross-platform, web, and mobile applications. It is considered as one of the good angular development companies.

The expert Angular.JS web development company Appnovation makes it simple to develop a fantastic all-in-one solution with a wealth of rich features. Some of the AngularJs services provided by Appnovation are, 

  •  Angular.JS Design
  •  Angular.JS maintenance
  •  Angular.JS Support

16. SunTec India

SunTec India is among the top providers of end-to-end AngularJS development services, including cross-platform development, plugin development, custom development, and development of dynamic mobile apps. The company employs a sizable team of AngularJS engineers with more than 20 years of combined experience. They employ a streamlined process to create web and mobile applications that are dynamic, interactive, and scalable and are specifically catered to your needs. You can quickly develop mobile-friendly solutions thanks to their intuitive built-in features that take advantage of Angular.JS. Some of the AngularJs services provided by SunTec India are,

  • Version update, migration, and reengineering 
  • Dynamic Angular.JS mobile app development services  
  • Plugin development  
  • Widget development 

17. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is a web application development service from a top Angular development company that is interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly, with high-quality code compliance and timely delivery. Through the use of the most recent tools and technologies, they offer high-performance AngularJS application development services, ensuring smooth development workflows and applications. It is considered as one of the good angular development companies. You can build adaptable, strong, and dynamic web and mobile applications with Hidden Brains' exceptional AngularJS development services, which will help you achieve your business objectives and set yourself apart with properly configured Angular web development services. There are some of the Angular.Js services provided by Hidden Brains are,

  • Angular application migration services.
  • Angular app support and Maintenance services .
  • Custom angular development services
  • Custom widgets development services 

18. Konstant Infosolution

Konstant Infosolution is one of the best companies for AngularJS development, offering cutting-edge, fluid AngularJS mobile app development services through streamlined methodologies. They take advantage of AngularJS's incredible flexibility to build high-end web apps, enabling them to build single-page and expansive websites. They offer AngularJS development solutions and services with dependability, flexibility, and ease thanks to their cutting-edge tools and resources. There are some of the Angular.Js services provided by Konstant Infosolution are,

  • HTML5 app solutions 
  • Custom solution  
  • Enterprise development  
  • E-Commerce development 

19. Techus

Techus is one of the top AngularJS development companies,it was established in 2013 to offer customers all over the world reliable and dynamic apps. By building apps that meet the needs of the client, its knowledgeable and experienced Angular developers can deliver on the promises of expertise, quality, and intellectual capital. It is exceptional at offering full-service web and mobile application development.It is considered as one of the good angular development companies. They provide services by addressing the majority of the industry's numerous niches and are able to provide high-quality, SEO-friendly web applications that effectively deliver a premium user experience. There are few of the Angular.Js services provided by Techus are:

  • AngularJS consulting
  • Real-time application development 
  • Single-page applications (SPA) 
  • Web & mobile application

20. Brainvire Technologies

Brainvire Technologies is a reputable Angular web app development company with a solid online reputation that creates a strong foundation for software development processes, particularly web application development using Angular. It delivers top-notch goods and services with a customer-centric strategy. They support their clients by offering brilliant project ideas and helpful business advice. They concentrate on a number of sectors, including e-Learning, entertainment and media, tourism and travel, banking and finance, healthcare, and online retail.There are few of the Angular.Js services provided by :

  • Interactive and social apps 
  • AngularJS e-Commerce app development  
  • AngularJS migration solutions  
  • Custom AngularJS development  



Thus we list the top Best Angular Development Companies. We hope that this post will assist you in making a decision and in choosing the best business to create and deliver your solution for your company. Even though we've concentrated more on Angular developers, each of them is an expert in other areas as well. There are so many software development companies available that all you have to do is research the market, browse the websites of the businesses, and choose the team that best suits your needs.

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