Thierry Cooperation

About Thierry Cooperation

Thierry was founded in 1996 in Stuttgart, Germany to meet the growing demand for high-quality color standards in the automotive industry. In 2004, They established a headquarters in Royal Oak, Michigan (United States) to expand its Colour and Mastering services to the North American market. Thierry's growth continued in 2012 with the opening of a Pattern Management and Distribution Centre in Shanghai, China. Currently, Thierry Corporation, North American headquarters, has two sections color and mastering and Plasma Science and Technology.

Their Colour and Mastering section serves the automotive industry globally, offering the highest quality color standards and precision paint services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and paint companies.  Their Plasma Science and Technology division is a distribution partner for Diener Electronic. Through this partnership, they offer a wide variety of research and development products, plus the ability to scale several of the manufacturing and production options. 

Business Requirement

Our client wanted to create a website that is user friendly and responsive on all devices. They wanted a custom content creation and also wanted to improve the engagement of the visitors.

  • They wanted different web pages for their two specialized sections and subforms which will give a detailed description of their products, application, services, and resources and to support two languages on their website.
  • They wanted a search option and option for buying their products online, for that they required a login form for the users which will help them to collect user details and their requirements.
  • They wanted an online form for inquiry or even call a direct option from the linked number.


  • Contact form
  • Detailed products page
  • Responsive website
  • Content management system
  • Search option
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Online shopping option


After detailed discussion and domain understanding, we decided to go for the TYPO3 CMS platform considering the complex requirement and nature of the business. Furthermore, we utilized industry-best practices to design new modules. We used the TYPO3 CMS platform to help the client’s management for easy content updating, add or modify.
Provided a responsive design that runs smoothly across all the devices and improves security.
They wanted a web site to convert more visitors into customers. To deliver on this, we added search engine optimization and standard design which helped in the improved engagement of the visitors
Developed different modules for their specialized sections, company details, and contact information.
Designed a search option according to their requirement, which helped their customers with the best suggestions on what they are searching for.
Designed and developed a ‘shop for OEM Masters Here’ button on the home page for doing online shopping for their product booking. We included in-depth detail about the types of goods they deliver and the areas they provide service on making the website a one-stop-shop for everything customers need to know.

Technologies Used

  • TYPO3
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Services Provided

  • PSD to HTML Conversion
  • Web Development
  • Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

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