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Laravel 10 Update : Things you must know before updating

Among the most well-known, effective, and popular open-source frameworks available right now is Laravel. It has a number of features, including support for MVC architecture, an artisan tool, a template engine, a system for database migration, top security, and so on. All of these characteristics contribute to what sets Laravel development services apart from the competition. Laravel is the top PHP framework. Making solid and dependable web applications based on this framework's significant and tried-and-true features is one of its key features. If you hire a Laravel developer, they will create a Laravel wall out of PHP blocks that will allow you to encode an application without having to write and develop a tonne of code while still providing the customer with the necessary functionalities.

Laravel is the PHP web development framework of choice for CMARIX developers when building software platforms. What makes Laravel so special and why do they consistently choose it? To begin responding to this, let's look at: Laravel, which emphasizes the end-user by making it simple for them to perform their tasks, has all of the functionality needed to create a modern PHP application.

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Why is Laravel considered as the Best framework?

The ideal PHP framework for developers, Laravel is the one that perfectly satisfies the open-source application development requirements of companies of all sizes. Its enormous community base helps to quickly resolve any programming problems. Additionally, it provides forums, blogs, and expert opinions for high-quality coding.
The Laravel platform has evolved into the best PHP framework thanks to its exceptional features and entity-rich entities. Through laravel's advanced features, Laravel development companies are able to build web apps that are both engaging and highly performance-based. And they are capable of doing this with incredibly little tedious coding work.


Reasons why Laravel is considered as the Best PHP Framework?

Artisan Console

It is one of the Laravel framework's built-in tools. It assists the developers in carrying out tedious tasks that are typically neglected when creating websites. It is only used to design database architectures and structures. It benefits the developers by lessening their busy work and also aids in the creation of package assets.

Authentication of the Framework

One of a web application platform's most notable features has been this. It must be verified as authentic. The process of writing authenticated code takes a lot of time. One of the most time-consuming tasks, but Laravel update makes it easier.

One of the built-in and ready-to-use features in this PHP framework is code authentication. The controllers, models, views, and database migrations must only be configured in order for the system to function.

Migration Systems

With the aid of the migrations system that Laravel update offers, you can also create databases. Writing migration code in the PHP programming language enables you to create databases, tables, and indices. Every time you need a new table or index, you don't have to make one from scratch. You can continue by simply using the migrations code.

Libraries and Configuration

The framework already includes a number of libraries. They don't exist in PHP itself and are only present in Laravel. These authentication libraries assist in keeping an eye on frequent users and the password-reset process. Additionally, it aids in the development of modular apps.

Difference between Laravel 9 and laravel 10



Laravel 9

Laravel 10


Laravel 9 is released on February 8, 2021, 

Laravel 10 will be released on February 7 2023


Laravel 9 requires PHP Version of 8.0

Laravel 10 requires PHP Version of 8.1


In Laravel 9, bug fixes until August 8,2023

In Laravel 10, bug fixes until August 7,2024


In Laravel 9,Security fixes until February 8,2024

In Laravel 10,Security fixes until February 7,2025


Laravel 9 Roadmap

Laravel 9 is a free and open-source PHP web application framework. Built with a focus on the end-user experience, it offers many features out of the box. The laravel updated version of this popular framework is Laravel 9. Laravel is the perfect tool for building robust and sophisticated websites. It provides a wealth of features and it is easy to use. 

Database Supported by Laravel

Laravel Support 4 Database,


  • SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

New Features of Laravel 9

Some new features of Laravel 9,


  • PHP 8 Support
  • New Accessors And Mutatiors
  • Artisan CLI
  • Anonymous Stub Migration
  • New Query Builder Interface
  • Enum Class
  • PHP 8 String Functions
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Automatic Pagination

Packages of Laravel 9 Framework

  • Laravel/ui
  • Cashier
  • Fortify
  • Dusk
  • Laravel/breeze package
  • JetSteam

When will Laravel 10 Release?

Laravel 10 update will be released on February 7, 2023. Laravel 10.x requires a PHP version of 8.1. With the release of Laravel 10, Laravel has switched to annual releases. Major releases were released every six months previously. This transition is designed to reduce the maintenance burden on the community and challenge the development team to deliver amazingly powerful new features without introducing game-changing changes. As such, without sacrificing backwards compatibility, we have provided Laravel 10 with a variety of robust features, including  Support for parallel testing, an improved Breeze starter kit, improved HTTP clients, and even new Eloquent relationship types.  All Laravel versions get bug fixes for 18 months and security fixes for 2 years.

What are the Benefits of Laravel 10

The following benefits make Laravel update one of the most well-liked PHP frameworks:


More than six lakh active websites worldwide use this framework, as was mentioned in the paragraph above. This framework is well known among developers everywhere. The popularity of this framework is a result of the developers' expertise with it. You will receive a prompt resolution to your issue if you run into any sort of technical difficulty while working with your website. This is why developers consider Laravel to be the best PHP framework.

High end security

The most important factor to consider when having a website developed is its security. Nobody desires to have their website compromised and their data were stolen. Safety is the number one requirement for website owners. One of the most secure platforms currently in use is Laravel. In order to improve security and safeguard customer data on your website, it uses SQL injection. If you use the Laravel platform to build your website, you won't need to worry about security.

Traffic Management

This platform assists the website owner in getting a fully functional and beautifully designed website. It encourages users to quickly invest in their website. The website gets more traffic as a result of wise advertising spending. It is common knowledge that websites frequently crash when they experience excessive traffic. Not to worry! With Laravel, this is not the case. If there is more traffic, it does not crash or hang. Even with a heavy load, it effectively manages the traffic and aids the users.

Multi Linguistic Ability

This is one of the characteristics that sets this framework apart from its rivals. The framework can capture larger areas with various cultures thanks to its ability to support multiple languages. Developers can use this framework without any problems for both Russian and Indian clients. This is another justification for why developers and website owners favour Laravel as the best PHP framework. It establishes a different connection with you if you use a platform that lets you choose your language.

Less time spend on Building

You can quickly build your website using Laravel's built-in tools and features. Simply integrate those tools and features into your website. Using these functions and resources will speed up your Laravel development. Additionally, Laravel employs MVC architecture, one of the most structured ways to create a website. Overall, you save a tonne of time, which ultimately helps you market and generate more income than competitors.

Advantages of Laravel 10


  • The framework's most notable quality is how quickly it can be learned. The user manual is thorough and easy to understand. PHP screencasts make it simple to comprehend.
  • The routing technique has evolved into an easy-to-use abstraction. All processes are now risk-free, and each level of complexity is derived from the provided abstraction. The framework includes the ability for reverse routing.
  • Laravel offers a sincere method for dealing with every type of addiction injection. It offers a practical environment for testing dependencies loading, and it might even be automatic.
  • Laravel provides an excellent abstraction for unnecessary abstract processes and hides them for noticeably quicker user response time. The PHP file, which is automatically loaded by the framework, contains definitions for every other Laravel route. It also provides a strong method of route way identification by accepting both a URL and a Closure.


Why do you need experts to update your Laravel


Laravel update is a difficult task. Updating requires extensive technical knowledge and high costs. Custom code and integration options can further complicate things. This is a complex process and you will need the assistance of a Laravel developer to coordinate all the necessary steps such as backing up your current version, updating any required extensions, and installing Laravel if necessary. As a result, the following factors contribute to the need for professional assistance:


  • We have experienced who can handle even the most complex Laravel update.
  • We update our guides, manuals and best practices, and run workshops for editors and content managers to equip our internal CMS teams with the knowledge they need. They are experienced and know Laravel update in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • It's important to get professional help on your Laravel update. Choosing the right partner/expert to update Laravel is just as important as updating your CMS. The Laravel Update Partner must update Laravel without impacting her company's web presence during and after the update.


When a DMG asks a customer to update Laravel, the first step is to research the compatibility of the website, Laravel, PHP, and extensions used. Back up your current version of Laravel as a priority step when updating Laravel on your site. The next step is to put your site into Laravel maintenance mode and run the update procedure. These two steps ensure that users and customers visiting your website are not disturbed while Laravel is being updated on the backend.

Features of Laravel 10


1. Security

Salted and hashed passwords are used by Laravel, indicating that text passwords will never be saved. It also creates an encrypted version of the password using the "Bcrypt Hashing algorithm." The Laravel framework and architecture make sure that application security is taken into account. Because Laravel includes pre-built SQL statements, it also makes it more difficult for database injection attacks to succeed. Encryption, Route Protection, Password Reminder & Reset, User Authentication, HTTP Authentication, Password Storage, Manually Logging in Users, and Finally Checking the Authentication Drivers are some of the security features that Laravel offers.

2. In-Built Template

Lightweight templates that come with Laravel by default produce gorgeous layouts with dynamic content seeding. It provides a variety of widgets that integrate JS and CSS. The templates are cleverly created to produce simple, composite structures with segments that make the work of developers easier. Blade is one of those built-in template engines. Users can work with HTML and PHP spaghetti thanks to it. To enable the Laravel development company to logically divide the templates into various sections and then enable other files to inherit them, the integration aspect is implemented in the Blade.

3 . Model View Controller Architectural Support

Clarifying the relationship between website presentation and presentation is made easier by the model-view-controller. MVC increases speed, offer a wealth of built-in features and aids in improving documentation. This architecture offers businesses and corporations a simple way to create apps. Unstructured codes are made simpler by MVC support, especially for large projects. It enables users to arrange their work into discrete files that are conveniently located in logical folders. The application's overall viewpoint primarily benefits the users so that the finished product can be improved for branding. If you're thinking about hiring FullStack Developers, get in touch with CMARIX developers because they prioritise their client's needs above all else.

4. OOL and ORM

Object-Oriented Libraries and Object Relationship Mapping are both abbreviations for similar concepts. Both of these qualities are present in Laravel. The OOL is a pre-installed library that includes functions like tracking the number of active users, changing an account's password, preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), and encrypting mechanisms. High-speed data transfer is made possible by ORM. Eloquent is the top ORM software solution. It connects the items and makes it easier to create connections between the tables. By using related fields, it enables the user to create joints between tables and find work as a helper. Eloquent's use has the benefit of ending compatibility with databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and SQLite.

5. Installation and Activity Management 

Both task management and web application installation are very important. The Laravel PHP Web Framework makes it possible to set up and plan simple tasks like email sending, database clearing, and other errands. A new entry is added to your server when you use the command scheduler, repeatedly calling for the programmer. It is simple to calculate the planned tasks and carry out each task with the help of this control scheduler.

6. Automation of Packaged Discovery

Because of compatibility issues, installing packages is not always straightforward. Previous iterations of Laravel couldn't just allow packages to be installed. The brand-new automatic package finding function was included in this restriction. The units that customers want to install are automatically detected by Laravel's newest version, LV8. It eliminates the initial use of aliases whenever a new installation is required.

7. Effective & Advanced Application Testing

Valuable apps are built based on the proper test protocols and techniques employed by developers. PHP gives developers the ability to create and execute unit tests to make sure the applications are usable. With automation testing, the software can fix bugs in user applications and all kinds of projects. The automation testing process entails performing a feasibility analysis for test automation, choosing suitable tools, assessing pertinent frameworks, creating a proof of concept, and finally creating and running test scripts. Regression can be identified and avoided thanks to the tests run on the application. 

8. Migration of Database

Valuable apps are built based on the proper test protocols and techniques employed by developers. PHP gives developers the ability to create and execute unit tests to make sure the applications are usable. With automation testing, the software can fix bugs in user applications and all kinds of projects. The automation testing process entails performing a feasibility analysis for test automation, choosing suitable tools, assessing pertinent frameworks, creating a proof of concept, and finally creating and running test scripts. Regression can be identified and avoided thanks to the tests run on the application.

9. Input Artisan Command

The ability to automate tasks is one of PHP Laravel's most useful features. Using task automation commands is possible with Laravel's Artisan command-line interface. It gives programmers the ability to create custom or task-specific artisan commands. The versatility of Artisan offers a number of commands that will be used for repetitive tasks. They cover activities like developing a controller, a model, a database migration, and a database seeder.

10. Access Control with Authorization

The security and integrity of the data in the various databases are guaranteed by authorization and access control. With Laravel's configured settings, access control and authorization implementation is made simpler. The Laravel framework automatically creates any component, including a login controller, a user model, views, and a register, when you enable authentication. Based on the application and its logic, you as a user will be able to easily extend the component's functionality.


It should now be clear to you after reading about all the above-mentioned Laravel features why this framework is currently so well-liked by developers and businesses. This is primarily attributable to its seamless, distinctive, and adaptable approach to problem-solving. This framework facilitates the development of dynamic, user-friendly websites with a lightweight, personalised template. There is no need to worry about stability as you will find reliable object-relational mapping and helpful plugins. 

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