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Web Development Services

A successful business requires an exceptional website. At Spawoz, we focus on delivering remarkable web development services by leveraging the smartest technologies in the industry. Our web design and development team works precisely as per the client’s requirements and provides revolutionary web development services with excellent turnaround time and powerful features.

We have a broad resource pool which provides the Best Web Development Services to help your company grow and prosper.

Our Expertise: Types Of Web Development Services

At Spawoz Technologies, we combine knowledge with innovation to provide exceptional web development services. Our website developers have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and use them to transform your ideas into robust solutions. We are delighted to provide high-quality custom web development services to businesses of all sizes from all around the world.

Full Stack Web Development

Spawoz Technologies is a web development company at the forefront of innovation in web application development and leads the industry as a top web development services company in India. We help businesses get a complete solution for their technical needs with our full-stack web development services. Our team of ingenious developers makes the wishes of our clients come true in the shortest time possible.

Responsive Web Development

Responsive web design is a necessity. With a majority of your potential customers viewing your website from a smartphone, your website must have a responsive design. Our web development services list upholds website responsiveness with prime importance. Our web design and development team ensure every website we build is responsive in all devices, providing an uninterrupted cross-platform user experience.

Ecommerce Website Development

We are a website development company that understands what it takes to build e-commerce websites that can influence people to buy your products. Our website design and development team is keen to make exhilarating websites that would capture a user's attention at the very first glance. Our proven strategies in web development services will help you get an impressive boost in website traffic and convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Static Website Development

Growth is essential for every website, especially if you are looking to make a successful forum website. At Spawoz, the web development services we provide are made particularly to prime growth. We will make sure your forum website is user-friendly, engaging, and charismatic. Being a leading web development agency in India, our best practices in web development services will maximize user interactions and revenue generation on your website.

Front-end Development

We are a web development agency with expertise covering all aspects of web development services. When it comes to front-end development, our team has a result-driven approach. We analyse each element's placement from a typical user's perspective and work to improve user interaction with the website. Our team takes pride in providing exceptional front-end development services, setting a higher benchmark with each project.

Enterprise Web Development

We are fortunate to have provided different types of web development services to companies of all sizes. Each client provided us with a better insight into how things can be done differently. With a fair understanding of what works and what doesn't, our enterprise web development services will help your website stand a class apart and attract the right type of visitors.

Web Portal Development

A web portal will simplify the efforts of your employees or intended users to access emails, get informed on important updates and so much more, by bringing everything to a single place. At Spawoz, we are always excited to provide ground-breaking custom web development services to our customers. As a prominent website development company, we implement best practices in the latest technologies to make web portal websites of all types.

PHP Web Development

PHP web development has a tremendous capability to create rich and vibrant web applications. Our web app development team understands the potential of PHP and creates mesmerising web applications to solve your business needs and empower your online presence. At Spawoz, we integrate innovation with technology to produce futuristic web development website services for your various business requirements.

Single Page Application Development

Do you want your website to have minimal loading delays and, at the same time, provide the best user experience? If yes, then opt for a single-page website. A visitor on a single-page website wouldn't have to toggle between different pages; instead, navigate within the same page. Our website design and development will develop a single-page website for you in the shortest time possible.

Custom Web Application Development

Are you looking for cost-effective and custom web application development services with a quick turnaround time? Partner with the best web development company in India, and our experienced team of developers will provide mind-blowing web development services tailored exclusively to your requirements. Our team takes special care to make sure the solutions we provide are elegant and compelling.

Forum Development

Growth is essential for every website, especially if you are looking to make a successful forum website. At Spawoz, the web development services we provide are made particularly to prime growth. We will make sure your forum website is user-friendly, engaging, and charismatic. Being a leading web development agency in India, our best practices in web development services will maximize user interactions and revenue generation on your website.

CMS Development

Get ahold of feature-rich, easy-to-use Content Management Systems from Spawoz Technologies. If your company is involved with frequent digital content creation and modification, then a CMS is highly essential. Our web development services provide dazzling Content Management Systems that are powerful and require minimal technical knowledge to create and manage the contents of your website.

.Net Development

A solution involving the .NET framework is scalable and secure. It is a versatile framework that has remarkable cross-platform capabilities. Our web app development team enjoys the adaptability of the .NET platform and uses it to create stunning applications. Being the best web development services provider in India, we will help you leverage the potentialities of dot net to create top-notch applications.

Our Technology Stack for Web Development Services


The choice of the technology stack used to build an application decides its success. At Spawoz Technologies, we incorporate the latest technologies with best practices to provide a fabulous web development services list. Our strength lies in a dynamic team who are always eager to learn and experiment with advanced technologies, providing the best web development services.

  • Frontend

    The frontend is the part of the application that a user interacts with. It is the graphical user interface an end-user sees and forms the face of an application. It is the visual aspect of a website that a user can see and interact.

  • Our team provides high-quality html5 development services.

    HTML5 is a markup language in front-end development, exhibiting exceptional capabilities to create structures for the displayed contents.


  • We provide innovative CSS3 development services.

    CSS is a stylesheet language that describes how the elements, defined by HTML, are to be displayed on the screen.

  •  Our excellent team of javascript developers will create stunning web pages.

    Javascript is a programming language used to program the behaviour of web pages and makes the web pages interactive.

  • Develop exceptional websites with our sass web development.

    Sass is an elegant extension that makes CSS more potent with the inclusion of additional features like variables, loops, functions, and so much more.

  • We create wonders utilising the possibilities of less web development.

    Less is a dynamic preprocessor stylesheet that extends the capabilities of CSS, enabling customizable, adaptable and reusable stylesheets for websites.

  • Our bootstrap web development is fast and cost-effective.

    Bootstrap is an open-source framework containing HTML and CSS-based design templates to create websites, faster and easier.

  • We are a jquery development company with an enthusiastic team of developers.

    jQuery is an open-source JavaScript library that simplifies the interactions between HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

  • Foundation Framework

    Foundation is an open-source front-end framework, which provides responsive HTML and CSS components.

  • We deliver reliable, interactive and productive gulp web development solutions that define your business.

    Gulp is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript toolkit that enhances workflow by automating several developmental tasks.

  • We are providing complete solution for JSON web development for your web-based business.

    JSON is a data-interchange format used for serializing and transmitting structured data over a network connection.

  • Middleware

    A Middleware is a software that functions as a hidden transaction layer between an operating system and the applications. It is often referred to as "software-glue." Middleware simplifies the efforts of software developers to implement input-output operations on applications other than the ones offered by the OS.

  • We are Developing extraordinary websites with our SASS web development.

    REST is a software architectural style used for designing network applications, making it easier for systems to communicate over a network.

  • Using Firebase development platform that will helps you build, improve, and grow your app.

    Firebase is a web and mobile application development platform that offers robust features to develop high-quality apps quickly. 

  • JavaScript Frameworks

    JavaScript frameworks are collections of JavaScript code libraries. They are application frameworks written in JavaScript, around which applications are built. They are of enormous use to developers by offering pre-written JavaScript codes to use for general programming and can easily facilitate further expansion into complex solutions.

  • We offer development of backbone javascript, such as custom application development through our web development services.

    Backbone.js is a JavaScript library that gives structure to web applications. As the name suggests, it is a backbone upon which an application is built.

  • We have expert angular developers Specialized in Angular Development services which meets your requirements.

    Angular is an open-source web application framework, which acts as a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications.

  • Providing React development to get an exclusive solution to your idea.

    React is a JavaScript library used extensively for building User Interfaces. Web applications with react can change the data without reloading the web page.

  • Database

    A database is an organised structure for the collection of data, which is stored and accessed electronically. A Database Management Software (DBMS) is a software used to manage the data in a database. The quality of the database is a deciding part of an application’s performance.

  • Different set of MongoDB Development Services including Database Creation and Integration & Implementation services.

    MongoDB is a NoSQL cross-platform database program extensively used in modern applications, which is document-oriented and schema-less.

  • We are following the Best Practices for writing advanced Queries in SQL.

    SQL is a programming language used to store, retrieve and manipulate data stored in a relational database.

  • Backend

    The backend is the part of an application that isn't directly accessed by an end-user. It stores and manages data and defines how an application works. Even though a user can't directly access the backend, by interacting with the frontend, they are indirectly coming in contact with the backend.

  • We are specialized in PHP Web development services and our core team is expertise in delivering the best solution.

    PHP is a server-side scripting language used to develop web applications. It supports a wide range of databases.

  •  Experts in Laravel Development Services for web application & e-commerce development.

    Laravel is a free to use, open-source PHP web framework that reduces efforts in authentication, routing and caching during development.

  • Ecommerce

    Ecommerce software set the stage for online stores. The software simplifies the technical processes required for building and running an e-commerce website, at the same time, ensures a smooth user experience. Our web development services allow a person with minimal technical knowledge to sell products online, in the least time possible.

  • We are offering custom PrestaShop e-commerce solutions at a reliable price range.

    PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce solution with out-of-the-box features, enabling users to build high-functioning e-commerce websites.

  • Our highly skilled team of expert OpenCart development experts analyse your business requirements and providing effective and user-friendly opencart development services.

    OpenCart is a PHP-based online store management system, used to build and run online business stores effortlessly.

  • Magento Ecommerce Development by specializing in building enterprise e-commerce storefronts.

    Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform, offering powerful tools for marketing, SEO and catalog management.

  • CMS

    A Content Management System (CMS) is an application used to create, manage and publish digital web contents. A CMS hosts a collaborative environment where multiple contributors can create or edit contents of a website, hassle-free, requiring minimal technical knowledge to use it.

  •  One stop solution to all your website development requirements.

    WordPress is a popular open-source web content management system used to build dynamic websites and blogs.

  •  Top TYPO3 development company helps you create user-friendly websites using the strength of TYPO3.

    TYPO3 is a web content management system written in PHP. It is free to use and allows the management of multiple websites.

Our Process for Web Development Services

Every project starts with an idea. And then, it is defined by a set of web development service processes. These processes are so essential that it decides how effective the time and efforts are utilised. At Spawoz Technologies, our web development service processes guide us to create remarkable solutions to empower your business.

Information Gathering

Our web development services start with Information gathering. Information gathering helps us to know more about your business and the solution it requires. It gives us insights about your target audience, your industry, your goals and the solution you expect. This step helps us lay down a solid foundation for building a solution precisely as you envisioned

 Information gathering from a variety of sources efficiently and effectively.

Once there is a firm understanding of what the application represents, a strategy has to be set to follow. It starts with creating a sitemap for your website, accompanied by determining the technology stack to be used. This step gives a better insight into how the website would be and helps in determining the resources and time needed for the project.

Through the strategic planning process we develop a plan to execute web development perfectly.

In the design phase, mockups are created to give a better understanding of how your website will look like. The primary purpose of this phase is to inform you of the element and content placements, colour schemes used and give you a basic idea of functionalities involved. Along with this, wireframe representing the interface elements are designed to show the framework.

Our web design and development team have the experience necessary to make your project a success.

Content adds additional meaning to the designs and informs the user and the search engine about the services or products you offer. The content must be compelling enough and must tell everything you wish to convey to your potential customers. It is an indispensable tool for SEO and undergoes different levels of customisation throughout the process.

Appropriate content development to ensure the users to grasp your webpage easily

The creation of a website starts with a development phase. Every aspect of the website, which was planned in the previous steps, are built. Using the technology stack decided, the website developers build all components of the website. The elements of the website are made functional, along with the translation of the User Interface design into actual code.

 We are the top web development agency which is committed to offering high-quality website development solutions.

The testing process will help you uncover the flaws of the website that were previously unknown. There might be issues regarding cross-platform responsiveness, errors in the content, or even issues with the functionalities. Testing provides an opportunity to recheck the website and ensure an uninterrupted user experience. In most cases, testing might reveal areas of the website that can be further perfected.

Utilizing numerous testing methodologies in your development process.

Launching - The most important and awaited part of the entire process. Once your website's flaws are perfected, and up to your expectations, it is time to let the world know about the products and services you offer. There still might be unprecedented errors after the launch, but with constant maintenance, they can be quickly addressed.

Launching your website only after making your websites custom built, mobile-friendly, and optimized for search engines.

Even after your website launch, frequent maintenance is essential to ensure the long-term health and progress of your website. If you are using a CMS platform for updating and managing your web content, then proper training on how to do those tasks efficiently is required. Our support team, available 24x7, will help you execute these tasks with ease and provide continued technical support.

 Support and maintenance services on the Website include updation and maintenance