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We tactfully choose a highly reliable technology stack to skyrocket your business sales like never before.

The choice of technologies used for the development process invariably affects the quality, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of the solution and its success. At Spawoz Technologies, we strive to choose the technology stacks prudently and utilise its full potentialities. Depending on the characteristics and vastness of the solution you require, we will help you choose the right set of technology stacks and create durable solutions, primed to grow your business like no other.

Web Development

With a web application comes the need to be always updated and stay ahead of your peers. We harness the capabilities of the latest technologies to create astounding websites for you. We mindfully choose all technologies involved in the web development process, ensuring your website is highly functional as well as within your budget.

Front End

The Frontend of a website is the part which a user interacts with. It is the component of the site that a user perceives as the application, and so it must be made to impress and indulge. To achieve that, we use stable and reliable frontend technologies, agreeing to your website's demands.


It is a markup language used in frontend development that has remarkable capabilities in creating structures for displaying contents in a web application.


It is a stylesheet language, used to describe how to display the elements defined by HTML on the screen.


PSD files are widely used and supported by most competing software, including Open-source / Free software such as GIMP.


It is a programming language used in programming the behaviour of web pages and plays a vital role in making web pages interactive.


Sass or Syntactically awesome style sheets is an extension that includes additional features like loops, variables and functions, adding immense brilliance to CSS.


It is a dynamic preprocessor stylesheet used to extend the capabilities of CSS, making it easier to customise and reuse stylesheets for websites.


It is an open-source framework that contains HTML and CSS-based design templates to create websites effectively.


It is an open-source JavaScript library that simplifies the interactions between HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Foundation Framework

It is an open-source frontend framework for responsive HTML and CSS components.


It is a data-interchange format which is used for transmitting and serialising structured data over a network connection.


It is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript toolkit, used to enhance the workflow with the automation of several developmental tasks.


A Middleware is a software functioning as a hidden transaction layer between the OS and the applications. It is often called the "software-glue" and simplifies the efforts of developers to perform input-output operations on applications other than the system-installed ones. It is a gel that makes the I/O processes smoother.


It is a software architectural style which makes system communications easier, over a network and is used to design network applications.


It is a platform used for web and mobile app development that offers powerful features to develop applications, quickly.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript Frameworks are the collection of JavaScript code libraries. They are frameworks for applications written in JavaScript, upon which applications are built on. They are of immense use to developers and offer pre-written JavaScript codes for general programming and can facilitate a smooth expansion of your application.


It is a JavaScript library that is used to give structure to web applications. It is a backbone for building an application.


It is an open-source web application framework, used as a platform for developing mobile and desktop web applications.


It is a JavaScript library used for developing User Interfaces. Web applications with React are capable of changing the data without reloading a webpage.


It is an organised structure for data collection and is electronically stored and accessed. A Database Management Software (DBMS) manages data stored in a database. The quality of a database massively decides the performance of an application.


It is a NoSQL Cross-Platform Database Program used in advanced and new applications. It is schema-less and document-oriented.


It is a programming language that makes storage, retrieval and manipulation of the data stored in a relational database easier.

PHP Frameworks

The Backend manages and stores the data of an application and defines how it works. It is the section of an application that the end-user can't access directly. By using the Frontend, a user is obliquely coming in contact with the Backend.


It is a Server-Side Scripting Language that supports a wide range of databases. It is used for developing web applications.


Laravel is an open-source, free to use PHP web framework that makes authentication, routing and caching during development, easier and efficient to execute.

Cross-Platform App Development


HTML5 is a programming language used to modify a web page's appearance. It makes it easier to structure and present contents on the web.


AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework used to convey an application's components easily. It is open-source and reduces the quantity of JavaScript required.


Ionic is an open-source framework used in cross-platform app development. It facilitates a smooth development of hybrid mobile apps and focuses primarily on the User Experience.


It is a framework for cross-platform mobile app development. It is used by developers to create mobile apps utilising HTML, JavaScript and CSS.


Xamarin is an open-source User Interface framework used to build cross-platform applications using the .NET framework.

Corona SDK

Corona is a framework used in hybrid mobile app development. It is used to develop 2D mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Kindle.

E-Commerce or CMS Development

The eCommerce platforms set the stage to build impressive eCommerce websites. To help you increase sales and returning customers, attract new ones, and ultimately mark your online presence like no other, we are keen to develop appealing eCommerce websites. To attain such a feat easily, we mindfully choose the best eCommerce platforms suiting your business needs.


TYPO3 is a CMS development platform that is highly secure and has enhanced SEO utilisation qualities.It has a simple site structure and will enable you to categorise the website into folders and pages.


WordPress is an open-source CMS used for building any kind of website. WordPress eCommerce platforms are easy to develop as it offers a variety of plugins and has an extensive list of easily customisable themes.


Prestashop is an eCommerce solution that allows easy creation of online store websites using easily customisable themes and plugins. It has a flexible admin panel, and will significantly improve the loading speed of online stores.


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform used in building scalable and highly customisable eCommerce websites. It is highly cross-platform responsiveness, making it easier to shop using a smartphone.


OpenCart is an online store management system, used to develop eCommerce websites with ease. OpenCart also supports a wide range of plugins and easy integration of payment gateways to the eCommerce website.

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