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Ecommerce Website Development

With almost every business going online, an eCommerce website has become a necessity rather than a choice. Spawoz Technologies provides innovative eCommerce website development services by incorporating the latest technologies and changing consumer trends to make your online migration seamless and successful.

We are the best rated Ecommerce web development company for enterprise businesses.

Our Ecommerce Website Development Platforms

A successful online business is one which is built on the most suitable eCommerce platform. Our eCommerce website development process starts with analysing your business needs and choosing the platform accordingly. Our results-driven strategies will skyrocket your conversion rates like never before.

  • Grow your business with a quality WordPress web development services.

    WordPress is an open-source Content Management System that runs on PHP and MySQL, used for building websites and blogs, with around 17% of all websites powered by it. WordPress eCommerce platforms are relatively easy to build as it offers a variety of easy-to-embed plugins and an extensive list of customisable themes to choose from.

  • Magento ecommerce development is the right choice if your purpose is to boost your ecommerce business

    Magento is a powerful open-source eCommerce platform used to build fully scalable and customisable e-commerce websites. Its cross-platform responsiveness is phenomenal, making it easier for your customers to shop using a smartphone. Magento eCommerce websites allow hassle-free third-party integrations, enabling you to connect analytic tools and payment gateways.

  • We help in building user-friendly & visually appealing eCommerce platforms using PrestaShop website development services.

    Prestashop is an open-source eCommerce solution that allows users to create online store websites using custom themes and plugins. For a shop owner with no knowledge of website development, Prestashop eCommerce platforms are easy and fast to develop, have a really flexible admin panel, and will significantly enhance the loading speed of online stores.

  • We are providing a extensive OpenCart development services for develop properly-fledged eCommerce stores.

    OpenCart is an open-source online store management system, used to set-up eCommerce websites with minimal efforts. An OpenCart eCommerce website allows easy integration of almost all payment gateways. It even supports right-to-left languages and has an immense collection of free plugins.

Our Ecommerce Website Development Features

The features and functionalities of your website decide how well the users interact with your website. Keeping that in mind, our eCommerce solutions provide mind-blowing features which are specifically designed to attract clients and keep them there.

  • Mobile-First

    With an ever-growing number of smartphone users, your eCommerce web development process must start with the Mobile-First approach. As a majority of your visitors might be window shoppers using a smartphone, your website must be responsive and attractive to lure them into buying your goods.


    Every business tends to grow. When your products and services are getting the traction, it deserves, your website must be capable of handling the increased traffic. For this, expansion and adaptability must be prerequisites for eCommerce web development, right from its inception.

  • Secure Payment Gateway

    The easiness in browsing and purchasing goods online is what makes eCommerce platforms so successful. Along with that comes the advantage of cashless transactions which eliminates the trouble of gathering the right change. A secure payment gateway system is imperative and adds more security and credibility to your online business.

    Reviews & Rating

    The reviews and ratings represent the voice of your customers. They prove to be an indispensable tool in eCommerce platforms for knowing what works and what doesn't with your customers. They can help you uncover aspects of your business or website that needs tweaking.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Search Engine Optimization is a process which starts with the Ecommerce Website Development and needs continuous updating. Just as website design defines your products to your customers, SEO describes what your website is about to Search Engines, and its effectiveness decides your reach.

    Real-time Analytics

    Real-time Analytics plays a vital role to understand the performance of your business. It will reveal parts of your website that needs a second look. Our eCommerce website development utilises the possibilities of real-time analytics, monitoring user data to understand and serve them better.

  • Quick Loading

    Each second a visitor spends on your website is valuable. We are an eCommerce website development company that takes special care to significantly reduce the loading time of the websites we develop. Our best techniques will help in loading your websites fastly, even with slower internet connections.

    Social login

    Social login makes it easier for your customers to log in to your website without the hassle of creating a new account. It saves them time and also presents you with invaluable data. This data allows you to extend your marketing game further.

  • Inventory Stock Management

    A customer once gone, is lost forever. One thing any potential customer hate to face is the unavailability of the product they wish to buy. Incorporating a robust inventory management system with the eCommerce website development can eliminate such a situation.

    Easily Manageable Admin Panel

    Even if you are looking for a WordPress eCommerce website or a b2b e-commerce platform, we will help you build one with a powerful, easily manageable admin panel. Our team takes special care to develop customised admin panels, empowering you to manage your online business at one place.

  • Multiple Language Support

    We are an eCommerce website development company with a global outlook on growth and development. All the websites we develop are equipped with multiple language support, enabling you to provide services to customers from all parts of the world.

    Easy Checkout

    Even if your visitor is a window shopper or an interested customer, they always need a "push" to buy your products. We are an eCommerce development company that understands this opportunity and always strive to include swift checkout features to every website we develop.

Our Ecommerce Website Development Process

What makes us the best e commerce websites development company is the optimisation of our eCommerce Website Development Process, to improve your website traffic and ultimately, sales. Our processes are backed with tested strategies, helping us provide you eCommerce websites that your customers will find enjoyable to use.

Analysing Your Requirements

By analysing your requirements in-depth, our team gets a firm understanding of how to start with the eCommerce website development, allowing us to provide remarkable eCommerce website development services within a nominal budget, in the shortest time. It gives us a better insight into your customers, industry and the type of solution you require.

 Analysing your requirement and informations gathering from a variety of sources efficiently.
Strategising a Plan

Once there is a clear understanding of your requirements, a strategy has to be set on how we plan to approach it. This includes estimating the time needed for completion, allocating resources for the eCommerce website development, and choosing the right technology stack.

By strategising a Plan we develop a plan to execute web development perfectly.
Choosing the Right Platform

The success of your online store heavily depends on the platform you choose to build it. There is a considerable amount of difference between a WordPress eCommerce website and a Magento eCommerce website. Depending on the nature of your business, we choose the one most suiting to your needs.

Choosing the most suitable platform for doing the development process perfectly.
Creating Impactful Designs

The attractiveness of your eCommerce website decides how well your visitors interact with it. Depending on the products or services you provide, our team creates impactful designs drawing essence from your business's intent, whether it be a B2B eCommerce platform or a WordPress eCommerce website.

Creating impactful designs, that will attract your customers effectively.
Developing the eCommerce Website

Using the technology stack decided, our remarkable team of developers build every element of your eCommerce website, precisely as per your requirements. Our team understands the importance of the website for your business and follows a solid set of methodologies to create growth-focused, highly functional websites.

We are the top web development agency who are committed to offering high-quality ecommerce website development services.
Hosting Your Website

The hosting service provider stores the data of your website on a web server, enabling your customers to access your website. The hosting service has to be decided, depending upon the estimated amount of traffic, type of contents to be included and the loading speed needed.

Hosting the website which helps to enable your customers to access your website.
A Test for Perfection

Testing acts as a quality-check before your eCommerce website is made online. It is a crucial part of the eCommerce website development process and can reveal unprecedented errors. A website's functionality, usability and compatibility are tested for perfection.

Utilizing numerous testing methodologies in your development process.
Going Live!

As exciting as it is, the website launch is your introduction to the online world. Once your website has all the functionalities as you imagined it is time to make it online. There still might be overlooked issues with the site, but with continuous maintenance and frequent updates, they can be quickly resolved.

Going live only after making your websites custom built, mobile-friendly, and optimized for search engines.
Support and Beyond

Our assistance doesn’t end with the delivery of your eCommerce website. We are an eCommerce development company that takes pride in our outstanding support team, available 24x7. Our support team will assist you in resolving any potential threats, ensuring uninterrupted user experience to your customers.

Support and maintenance services on the Website include updation and maintenance