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About the company

Founded in 1999, Wettforum started as a sports betting forum and expanded to the successful sports discussion forum it is today. Sports enthusiasts in German-speaking countries extensively use it to discuss all aspects of sports and is an established platform for tips to succeed in sports betting.



Business Requirement

Wettforum required a CMS solution using which the website visitors can register and participate in discussions in the forum. Along with this, Wettforum wanted to place third-party ads on the website and generate more traffic to support their revenue model.


For a discussion forum as huge as Wettforum, it takes thoughtful planning and precise execution to elevate it to its full potential. As the website welcomes a large number of visitors each day, it must be made to remain stable even with sudden surges in traffic.

To cater to the needs of the client and the website, we chose vBulletin, a powerful community software. It exhibited remarkable capabilities in the development process and magnified the efforts involved. Using vBulletin, functionalities including discussion forum, registration and login were easily developed and integrated into the website. 

For placing third-party ad placements, we suggested Revive Adserver, and it did a pretty great job for the same. As the website followed an advertisement revenue model, the system must be nothing less than perfect, and our team successfully incorporated it. As a discussion forum, the website must be fast loading and easy to navigate. We designed the site with user-friendliness in mind and fused it into its very essence.


    • Discussion forum
    • Log in/Guest user status indication
    • Log in/Registration functionality
    • Ads integration


As informative as it is, a sports betting discussion forum is a paradise for betting enthusiasts. With Wettforum, the company made a touchdown with shining advantages - establish a remarkable sports betting discussion forum for betting fanatics and benefit from the traffic through third-party ad placements.

The CMS solution had a desirable impact on the website's traffic. Due to its user-friendly design and interactive functionalities, the forum saw a sudden increase in monthly traffic, resulting in an increased revenue generation with ad placements.


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Florian Cerovsek