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About The Company

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Mobile Nachhilfe provides professional private tutoring for students, helping them learn and excel. They understand how grades of a student can affect the entire family and so, works to deliver remarkable private tutoring, contributing to well-performing students and ultimately, stress-relieved parents.

Technologies Used
  • HTML
  • TYPO3
  • CSS
Services Provided
  • Content Management System (CMS)

Business Requirement

Mobile Nachhilfe wanted a website to showcase the private tutoring lessons and courses they offer, to students and parents. The website must also be SEO friendly and mobile responsive.


Spawoz Technologies focuses on fulfilling the technological needs of a client with smart solutions. We always try to deliver groundbreaking solutions that make it easier for our clients to run their businesses. We let the clients leave the technical part to us and help them concentrate more on their trade.

Mobile Nachhilfe, a leading professional private tutoring service provider in Vienna, wanted a highly responsive website to showcase the services it provides. To deliver precisely what Mobile Nachhilfe wanted, we chose TYPO3 CMS, which has proven capabilities in creating exceptional websites that are remarkably user-friendly. As the site aimed to inform students and parents the services offered, we concentrated on incorporating the reliability Mobile Nachhilfe holds, into the website.

With a responsibility to clearly demonstrate the services provided, the website should be easy to navigate, and mobile responsive as most visitors will be using a smartphone to access the website. Along with this, to be accessible to all seekers of private tutoring, the site needed to be SEO-friendly as well. These were some among the highlighted requirements and our team executed them to full effectiveness, with a cost-effective development approach.


News publishing
URL customization based on the SEO
Video/Image upload solutions
External rating scripts integration
Responsive website
Lazy loading
Faster website


Just as Mobile Nachhilfe makes learning easier, the website made the company's efforts in content management and SEO, easier. With the new website, Mobile Nachhilfe saw a significant increase in online traffic, conclusively leading to increased conversion rates. The website equipped the company to extend its services to a broader spectrum.Along with increased revenue generation, the blog section of the website is frequently looked up as a valuable source of information, by parents and students alike, for the best tips in learning. With the site being mobile responsive, visitors can now comfortably access the contents of the website using a smartphone.