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About the company

Founded in 1951, ATP is a leading architecture and engineering firm, based out of Innsbruck, Austria. With design offices in Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Zürich, Nuremberg, Budapest, Zagreb and Moscow, ATP provides architectural services and integrated designs to customers, all around the globe.


Press Release Web Application

Business Requirement

ATP wanted a pressroom application to publish press releases, effortlessly without an email engine. The design of the application must resemble the ATP website and must be integrated seamlessly into it.


Spawoz Technologies always strive to deliver ingenious solutions, leveraging the latest technologies and smart practises. We did the same with ATP and offered a robust, and flexible pressroom application, equipping ATP to publish press releases swiftly, for years to come. We planned for a stand-alone application in Laravel Framework to ensure stability and user-friendliness. For time and cost effectiveness, we divided the project into three milestones and worked accordingly.

Milestone 1 included planning on architecture and development of the website. This phase enabled us to concentrate more on the functionalities of the site and deliver precisely as how ATP envisioned it.

With Milestone 2, we focused on the aesthetics and design of the website. As ATP had an idea on how the website should look, we grasped the very design layout and made specific enhancements for an improved User Experience. Once the pressroom application looked and felt exactly as how ATP aspired, we shifted to the next milestone.

To provide the best experience possible, Milestone 3 focused on testing the application to unleash its full potential. The application also underwent several levels of User Acceptance Test (UAT) to ensure both the client as well as the end-users have a great time using it.


    • News publishing
    • Infinite scrolling of news entries
    • Plain text download of the article content
    • Article print & email functionality
    • Image download in predefined and custom dimensions
    • Image/document single/group download
    • News category filtering


ATP's pressroom application aimed to inform the customers with the latest updates of the company. We were able to deliver an application that not only made press release publication easier but more systematic too.

The application presented ATP with several ‘unintended’ advantages. With regular publishing, the PR website was looked up to by many for the latest updates in the industry and served as an effective platform to inform potential customers, how ATP, with architecture and engineering, can make things simpler for them. The PR website helped in refining ATP's online presence and caused a sudden and continued increase in website traffic.


Spawoz Technologies entwickelte für uns eine Ergänzung zu unserer bestehenden Website. Sie gliedert sich nahtlos ein und bietet vollen Funktionsumfang auf allen Devices. Das Spawoz­-Team setzte unsere Vorgaben verlässlich, freundlich und trotzdem flexibel bei kurzfristigen Änderungen um.

Harald Jabinger